December To Remember 2020

This is my third December to Remember post but very my first in a pandemic and without a doubt, this will be a December we ALWAYS remember.  We take the girls to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa every year (a tradition since Waverly was a baby, 8 years + counting), and when we look at this year’s photo of Santa behind the plexi glass wearing a mask, it really is such a reality check on what a crazy time we are living in.  Either way, we are so thankful that we were able to make most of our favorite traditions still happen this month — our girls have reminded us all 2020 how resilient kids really are and honestly haven’t noticed much being different than any other year.

Some things I want to remember from December 2020:

We are still going strong on the elf on the shelf + even though it can be a pain, it brings so much joy to my girls and I am going to miss our elves in the new year!  We added a pink little girl + she’s too cute, also I have to give credit to my husband who does 85% of the elf work since he stays up way later than me most nights.

This was the first year that Remie Rue really starting understanding Santa and all the fun of Christmas and it is the beeeest, just like it was with her big sisters.  She loves looking at the ornaments on the tree and finding the elves each morning, and even though I have to hide every single wrapped present in the house because she would break into all of them — I forgive her because she is just the most precious little Christmas angel. 🙂

A new tradition this year, we have been picking a different neighborhood each night to drive through + look at all the lights!  This has been so much fun and the best way to overcome the witching hour (which is still totally a thing with eight year olds).

Waverly + Avalon still had their holiday dance recitals but since we couldn’t do them in person, we had them on Zoom which meant all of our family got to join in!  Waverly lives for moments like this, she is doing pre-company this year and was so excited to be in the spotlight and for everyone to watch her.  Remie got so excited to watch them on the screen, I can’t wait until she is able to join in with them, too.

The girls wish lists this year!!  Waverly is so easy to shop for and so predictable, books + LOLs + dance leos, Avalon asked for a reindeer statue (my heart!!!) and a new bike, and Remie Rue is getting puzzles and her own dollhouse for her room.  I don’t know that I have ever been as excited for a Christmas morning, maybe because they all three understand more now or because it’s 2020 and we need it more than ever?!  Either way, I am SO EXCITED.

Sending love + wishing you all the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  XO

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