December + Christmas 2022

Another December has come and gone all too quickly, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year + even though this year felt more busy and crazy than ever, I would do it all over again if I could.  A few things I always want to remember from the 2022 holiday season:

Waverly stopped “believing” this year, which was heartbreaking and also one of the sweetest parts of the season for me.  She was SO excited to help us hide the elves each night and 110% was more consistent and creative than her dad or I at it.  I was worried that once she knew she might slip with one of her sisters, but she was the cutest keeping it a secret and wanted them to believe so much.  This month was also big for her, she had a ton of performances for dance and also performed in her school play.

Avalon running down to find the elves and get her chocolate from the advent calender each morning will forever be some of my favorite Christmas memories, it is her favorite time of day and her excitement is the best.  This year she wanted a hover board, fidgets and puzzles, all so very true to her personality right now.  She loves a good holiday hot chocolate and will always bake all the Christmas treats with me.

Remie Rue, age four, and probably at my favorite age for Christmas.  The magic at this age is the BEST, she just gets it and it’s also the most magical thing to her in the world.  I loved listening to Jingle Bells with her each morning on the way to school and seeing her perform in her first ever live holiday preschool performance this month.  She changed her wish list so many times, a couple days before the actual holiday she added a “red monkey” to her list, I will forever laugh about that.

And sweet Delilah — her very first Christmas!!!!  She is seven months old and has changed so much in the past few weeks, she is currently babbling all the time, laughing, and smiling so big at her sisters.  She is just so, so precious, and pretty good about going along with us to all of the activities (just as long as mama and dad is close, she is very much at that seperation anxiety phase!!).  Also a forever core memory, she learned to sit up on Christmas Eve!  With all of her sisters cheering right beside her, of course.

And now it’s on to 2023!  This year will be big, we have a future kindergartener, a middle schooler, and I will turn 40!  Excited for all that is to come. 🙂

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