Dance Recitals 2020

Waverly + Avalon had their dance recitals last week, always one of the highlights of the year for me!  This time around was different (like most things in 2020), but I was happy that they were still able to put on their costumes and perform.  They each got to have their own night since each class was separate, and each of the girls referred to herself as “a star” the night of their show. 🙂 Remie Rue was so excited watching them + twirling around to the side, I have no doubt she will want to join them before long and cannot believe we will have THREE tiny dancer girls one day.

We are spending the rest of our summer days at our neighborhood pool + with bike rides + swim team for Waverly each morning, all the good things!  Hope your summer is off to the best start as well! XO

PS:  Photos from the girls recital from last year can be found here, and the year before is here, the year before that is here!  I love looking back so much.

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