Daddy’s Time

I always knew that my husband would be a good father, even from the time when we were just dating many years ago.  But even though we have had the typical marital stresses from a monumental life-change such as a new baby, I have to say that … he is a better dad than I ever could have imagined.
I really don’t like to leave my baby girl, and I haven’t for over two hours at a time (which was on only one occasion) since she was born almost seven weeks ago … but I currently am trying to get my “body after baby” in shape.  So, tonight, I left to attend one of my mom’s workout classes and left Waverly Maye with her father.  I came home to a happy & clean baby, one who cried when I took her from her daddy’s arms to give her some love from mom.  It looks like I have a Daddy’s Girl on my hands …
I am so proud of how hands-on he is with her, and more importantly, how much I can tell that he loves her already.  It makes me love him even more.
Waverly’s Favorite Pose with Her Dad

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