Christmas Eve

It’s here … Merry Christmas Eve! 
Today will be the final post in Waverly’s Chic Countdown to Christmas.  At least for 2012. 
We went to see Santa one last time & I have to share the photos.  These, by far, are the best ones we got.  We went to Bass Pro Shops (Hampton, VA) after researching to find a place that would actually allow us to take pictures without buying the $50.00 photo package.  This was after we were asked (by the elves) to leave the premises at our local mall for sneaking a few photos on my Iphone.  They were definitely not in the most festive of moods.  The people at Bass Pro, however, were extremely warm & friendly and we will definitely go back. 🙂
We loved this Santa.

Had to share another seasonal ensemble.  Waverly’s outfit is Rare Editions & sold at Dillards & Macy’s.
Her headband is from Etsy.

And since she has been so good this year, Ellie & her elves have been back to visit sweet Waverly Maye twice since I last updated.  

 We’ve come back again for the fifth day,
Yes, we have something else for Waverly Maye.
Today we brought something to go with a gift from before,
Remember the one you got on Day Four?
This swim cap will go with that bathing suit,
Wear it this summer, you will look super cute.
  Waverly’s outfit is Rare Editions and can be purchased at Macy’s or Dillards.  This headband is also from Etsy.
 There is only one day left, it’s Day #6,
The elves are so excited, they are doing high kicks, 
Today, we brought you a very special book,
We knew it was perfect after having only one look.
So read it, Waverly Maye, with your mom & your dad,
They told me that you are the best gift that they’ve ever had.
Waverly’s headband is from Little Hip Squeaks on Etsy.  Her onsie is H&M and shorts/tights are from Gap.  
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

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