Christmas Eve: All Wrapped Up in a Post

Waverly Maye’s first Christmas Eve & Day are officially complete.  As expected, celebrating my favorite holiday as a mom was pretty much perfection.  Watching my sweet baby girl’s blue eyes light up at all the excitement that the day brough seriously made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. 
Being a mom really is the coolest thing ever.
Christmas Eve morning, we wrapped Waverly in a festive headband and (of course) went to Target for some last minute shopping.  I don’t know that we have ever spent a Christmas Eve not shopping. Even when there is nothing left to buy, I just can’t help but taking in the last few spirited moments of the busy shopping season.  It’s a good thing we are training Waverly early; I see quite a few more Target shopping trips in her future.
 Waverly had another Elf Gift to open.  Her headband is from Hip Squeaks, Onesie is from H&M, and shorts/tights are from Gap.
For dinner, we kicked off the official holiday with an Open House at my in-laws, dinner at my grandparents, and present-unwrapping at my parents house.  I was nervous about how our five-month old would cope with such a busy schedule, but she pleasantly surpised me.
I am pretty sure she knew what a special day it was. 

 Waverly is wearing a headband from Nordstrom, oufit from Mudpie, and shoes from Old Navy.

I am still getting used to the fact that I am actually old enough to be someone’s mom, but playing Santa Clause?  That was just bizarre.  Especially since he is still visiting me at my own parents house, seeing that I have been so nice each year.  Needless to say, even though she won’t exactly remember, my husband & I spent the later part of the evening setting up Waverly’s array of gifts from St. Nick.
Waverl’ys big gift was the Radio Flyer, which we used to set all of her other gifts in.
I am not sure who it was truly for – as the sight of her sitting in it was the only gift I needed this Christmas.
Of course, before going to bed, we set out cookies for Santa & tossed some food on the lawn for his reindeer.  I know we set out the presents – but we can at least believe he makes a stop by, right?

It was such a sweet day for my sweet girl.  Christmas Day tomorrow …

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