Christmas Day: All Wrapped in a Post

Since finding out I was going to be a mom, among other things, I have a little obsessively been looking forward to sharing my love of Christmas with my son or daughter. 
I am pretty sure this image explains why …
Even though she is only five months old, our Waverly Maye knew that there was just something special about Christmas Day.  She is always a happy baby, but all day, she just had a little extra sparkle in her eye.  Like mother, like daughter.  I just knew she would love it as much as I do.
Of course, we started the day by bringing Waverly Maye down the stairs to see what Santa had left for her.  It was one of those magical moments with my little family that I know will stay with me forever.
Our little Elf.  Wearing a headband from Target & PJs from Dillard’s.
 Buying that Radio Flyer was so worth seeing her sitting in it.

 Christmas stocking made with love by my mother-in-law.  It is definitely bigger than her.
 We spent the rest of the morning at my parents house and then at my in-laws.
 Yep.  We’re wearing matching PJs. 
Don’t judge. 
 Sweetest picture of Waverly & her Bella that I have to share. 
A heart-melter.
 Our little reindeer.  I know this may be the biggest headband yet, but I just can’t help myself.  If antlers were appropriate year-long and she would let me, I would put them on her daily.
Outfit is Rare Editions from Dillard’s and antlers were purchased online.
This reindeer sure is happy.  I could post 10 more pictures with a face this smiley.  In an effort to not go completely overboard, I won’t … but in her five months of life, I’ve never had a set of pictures with this many smiles.  It completely legitamizes her love of the day. 🙂
One last photo – Waverly’s Christmas PJs. 
On a final sentimental note (the “sentimental” thing is certainly not uncommon in my personality) –
Being a mom definitely puts life into perspective.  Over the past five months since giving birth to this sweet little girl, I have been able to watch the world I have become so familiar with through her eyes.  Even simple tasks during our daily routine are exciting and new to her, and that gives new life meaning to me.  So to experience such a special & magical time such as Christmas with her is pretty much the most rewarding thing I can think of. 
 I can’t wait until next year.

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