Christmas Cheer

Undoubtably, one of the hardest parts since finding out our life-changing news has been keeping it secret.  For one, I have never been one with a talent for keeping information hush-hush.  I can’t help it … I get super anxious, exhilerated, and pretty much feel like I could burst (with even the smallest of news, such as my mom’s upcoming Christmas present from my dad).  So obviously, the news of an upcoming bundle of joy is one that I would pretty much like to shout from the rooftops … or at the very least, post onto facebook much like when I got engaged.
But as I have learned since becoming “with-child”, seeing the positive line after peeing on a stick doesn’t necassarily mean to start alerting the presses.  In fact, most doctors and baby books suggest to “patiently” wait until at least 10 weeks, or even better, the start of the second trimester. 
So in an effort to “play by the rules” … Mr. BB & I have (kind of) done just that. 
We waited a week to tell our good friends (story to come), another week to tell our families (second story to come), and since have only shared our special surprise with a few co-workers/friends here & there.
And as the ten week mark approaches this weekend, we are preparing to bring our joy to some more of our family on the appropriate occastion of Christmas.
I can’t think of a better gift for the season.
Fa-la-la … la-la. 🙂

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