Christmas 2021

Sharing some photos from our Christmas, it has been forever since I have updated the blog but these holiday posts are some of my favorite to look back on + I know I will be so thankful to have them one day.

Christmas this year was not at all what we planned for.  Long story short, we all ended up with Covid + of allllll the days of the year, it showed up right on Christmas Eve.  After a really sick first trimester of pregnancy this was pretty much the last thing I wanted (especially with a baby in my belly!), but that’s sometimes reality + through all our years of parenting I have definitely learned that sometimes things just don’t turn out how you want them to be.

We made the most of it, stayed cozy in our jammies + watched lots of Christmas movies from the couch.  The girls still got the best visit from Santa and lots of fun little gifts that kept them busy all day long.  We ended up extending Christmas a few weeks and getting to have a second one with my parents, and then my husband’s parents just a few days ago.  And I know that of all the Christmas holidays, this will definitely be one we won’t forget — the time we all got Covid and I had our last baby sister in my belly.

Also sharing a few more photos from our December, some of our favorite traditions — picking out the tree, Waverly + Remie in front of the sink at Christmas, + festive days at home.

We hope you had the best holiday with your loved ones (and are staying healthy your way!), happy 2022! XO

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