Christmas 2020

Happy 2021!  We are slowly preparing to get back into the pace of normal life after a very low-key + relaxing holiday at home, it’s been a much needed break from screens and busy school schedules after the last couple months of virtual learning.  Sharing some favorite photos of our Christmas today — the girls on Christmas Eve in jammies (which they wore ALL day long!!), a couple images from Christmas morning (it was super dark + rainy so I didn’t get many, but it was the sweetest morning), our Christmas dinner candle holder my husband made me (I looooooove it and can’t wait to use it all year long!), and a quick family photo we managed to get in on a very cold Christmas Day.

This was not my favorite Christmas ever, I really missed being at my grandparents on Christmas Eve, a tradition for as long as I can remember, and dang Corona just seemed to make everything harder this holiday season — especially planning for gifts and get togethers and making it all happen.  I honestly felt a little overwhelmed by the time the actual day came around!  But we are all about those silver linings + obviously we have a lot of those.  Our sweet girls had the best time (Avalon screamed “Best Christmas Ever” repeatedly) and I am so very aware that these magical holidays with little people are numbered.  I never want to forget the sound of their little feet running down our stairs Christmas morning + I will never take it for granted, I will forever say it, these are the days!!

Sending you our love as we kick off a new year with all the good things in store! XO

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