Christmas 2019

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Stopping in for a quick post to recap our Christmas before it’s officially 2020, this was such a sweet holiday for us + I am so sad it’s already over.  The girls are at really good ages for all the magic but in really different ways, it was so much fun to watch!

Waverly was so excited, she was the one who woke up throughout the night Christmas Eve and ended up in our bed before 4am (this is so like me as a kid).  Her biggest wish was an American Girl doll, we got her one that has red hair like her + she has been sleeping with her each night and buckling her in the car ever since.  Also worth noting, she had every single present put away and organized before 9am, also so like me.

Avalon, age 4, probably my favorite age for Christmas!  Still young enough to have her eyes wide open for every little part but old enough to understand, her biggest question was how Santa was going to make it down our chimney with all the logs. 😉 She wanted a drum, but probably her favorite present of the holiday (for the second year in a row) was a toothbrush and Peppa Pig soap.

And little Remerie Rue, no surprise to anyone, she could have cared less about anything she got + only loved the paper.  By Christmas Day she was able to unwrap presents all on her own and it was the most precious.  I still cannot believe we found out about her two Christmas’s ago, she is forever my most favorite gift.

This was our first Christmas without my brother + sister here, both have moved and weren’t able to come back this time around, which was definitely sad for all of us.  Thankful for these three little girls to keep us busy + also so thankful that we will be able to celebrate with them in a couple months when I go to Colorado for my first time! 🙂 Hope your holiday was absolutely perfect, and happiest 2020, from our family to yours!!!!!! XO

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