Christmas 2018

Merry few days after Christmas!  This week always just feels kind of weird, I never know what day it is or really what we should do, everyone is pretty exhausted and equally sad that Christmas is over and happy to be able to get back into a routine again (or maybe that is just me?).  Either way, of course I am SO EXCITED to have some time off work to be at home with my babes until the new year!

The girls had a very merry Christmas, they were spoiled with tons of toys and lots of family time with their favorite people.  Waverly ended up getting sick Christmas Eve morning, which was the saddest thing ever, but thankfully she had a quick recovery and was back to her energetic self the next day.  Avalon was soooo into believing in all the magic, she was so excited to watch the Santa Tracker to see where he was all day and for the first time in her entire life, she went to sleep immediately when we laid her down — because she was so worried that Santa would not come if she was awake.  And sweet Remerie, just as precious as ever, smiling and cooing and not really knowing that it was different than any other day.

I never want to forget how cute Waverly & Avalon were throwing their reindeer food into the yard and setting out the cookies (always one of my favorite parts!), Waverly waiting until Avalon opened all her presents before her (she always does this), or watching all three girls in their matching Christmas pajamas sit on the floor looking at their toys together.

We hope you had the best holiday, happy almost 2019! XO

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