Christmas 2017

This Christmas was by far our best and most special yet. The girls are at the absolute perfect ages for all the magic, still obviously young enough to believe in everything and be really into it, but also old enough to understand.  Waverly did not miss a thing, loved every little part, and Avalon was beyond precious.  It was the first year she actually wanted to open her own presents and her little eyes were just wide open the entire time.

Christmas Eve was really busy for us, we spent most of the morning at brunch with family and then afterwards spent some time at home wrapping last-minute gifts, baking cookies for Santa, and letting the girls watch marathons of Christmas movies.  We had an early dinner at my grandparents, exchanged some more presents, and then headed back home to get the girls ready for bed.  This is always one of my favorite parts, I love watching them set out the cookies for Santa and throw out the reindeer food, this year more than ever I kept thinking about how sad it will be when one day they don’t believe in it anymore!!  After they finally made it to sleep, we played Santa for the sixth year now!  This time definitely took the longest to set up (note to self for the future, set up the toys that have a lot of steps the week before and hide them!), we were exhausted by the time we were finally done, but going to sleep knowing how much the girls have to look forward to in the morning is always well worth it.

Christmas morning was everything, there is always so much anticipation to it but it also never disappoints.  Waverly got up first, per usual, and waited for Avalon, and then we all ran downstairs to find that Santa had came!!!  Waverly had asked for all things Shimmer & Shine, and Avalon wanted all Peppa Pig, so they were both excited to find a bunch of that, along with a new dollhouse and easel for their joint presents that have already been used a ton.  We also got them both jump ropes and hula hoops, Waverly had asked for them but of course we knew that they would fight over them if we didn’t get two of each.  Avalon calls them “hul-ee hoops” and it is my favorite!
The trade-off for a busy Christmas Eve is that we get a Christmas day spent entirely at home, which is really important to us.  We had family stop by through out the day and hosted a dinner that night, the absolute best way to end a beautiful holiday. 

My brother has been in town from Colorado this week so we are soaking up some extra family time and looking forward to ringing in the New Year in a few days.  Merry Christmas, friends, hope it was perfect!!!! XO


  1. December 29, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    It looks like it was an absolutely beautiful Christmas – and your girls just get lovelier and lovelier! Happy nearly New Year!

  2. December 30, 2017 / 4:47 pm

    Merry Christmas! Beautiful pictures, as always!
    My oldest is also 6 and I'm also already getting sad about when it'll be over! I told my husband that we have to keep having babies to extend the little years as long as possible 😉

  3. January 2, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    All the magic! I love it. I’m so glad to hear that this was the most special Christmas yet. I hope 2018 brings even more magic and special moments for your adorable little family. Love the pictures.

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