Car Seats // Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0

Thank you to Cybex for sponsoring this post, all thoughts + opinions are my own.
Somehow, I am 20 WEEKS pregnant, halfway to meeting our newest baby girl!!  I’m pretty sure at this point with Waverly, I had a good amount of her nursery done, registry complete, and was spending most of my free time righting down baby to-do lists before her due date.  So not the case this time around, especially since we aren’t even currently living in our house.  But I have been collecting some fun things for her, she already has quite the collection all stacked up in the trunk of my car along with a couple boxes in our storage unit! 🙂  Including this car seat, the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 from Cybex, big sissies might even be more excited about this than I am (or maybe just the thought of her actually being here & in it!).
This car seat is sooooo good, by far my favorite part is how safe it is.  It uses new technology developed to both prevent the rising number of infant deaths from hot cars and also to continuously monitor the child while the car is in motion.  If a child is either left in the car or unbuckles herself, an alert will go off through both the vehicle receiver and through an app your cell phone.  The app is actually not required to receive alerts, so it is also promoting safe driving, especially important when our babies are in the car!  I still can’t even believe I am going to have THREE of them piled up back there, so every bit of piece of mind I can have I love and appreciate.
The car seat is so pretty too, I love the grey color and how streamlined it is!
To read more about the Sirona M with Sensor Safe 2.0, you can visit the Cybex website here.  Happy driving, friends! XO

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