Buying & Selling Kids Clothes with Kidizen

I recently teamed up with Kidizen to try out their app, and you guys, it is SO GOOD and I am so excited to share about it!!!  I feel like I have been trying to find a good way to sell the girls clothes for years now, I do keep a lot of their things stored, but also have found that boxes add up really quickly and we really don’t need to keep all of it (even if I want to!).  Avalon does wear quite a bit of Waverly’s hand-me-downs, but I love to match them and also can’t resist getting her some special things of her own, so I know I would feel this way if we ended up having another girl one day as well!

Kidizen is a place for moms to sell (and buy) kids clothes, it’s super easy and quick to post your items which is one of the reasons I love it so much.  My favorite part is that once someone buys something, it allows you to purchase a shipping label by just clicking a few buttons, then it emails you the label afterwards.  I’ve posted items on apps before, but it was always such a hassle to figure out the shipping part, I always gave up on it because – time.  I know other mamas can relate!

I also (of course!) love the buying option, there are so many cute kids pieces to choose from, including a ton that are from some of our favorite small shops.  It’s easy – and fun – to search by category, the little shorts the girls are wearing below are by Childhoods, one of our faves, but we got them at a much discounted price!

You can find out more about Kidizen here, and if you download the app before August 4th, you will be entered for a $200 gift card!  Also,  if you are a girl mama and would like to shop through some of our stuff, you can find me at Ashley Brickner.  Hope you guys had the best weekend and have a great week ahead! XO 

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