Brickner Sisters Update

It has been forever since I did an update on our girls, these posts are really for me, they are my favorite to look back on already + I know years from now I will love them even more.  This is also the first time little Remie Rue is a part of them, it’s been a few months since I did her last monthly update at eleven months and I can’t believe how much has already changed since then!

Waverly Maye, seven years + four months, though she would 110% of the time correct me and say “seven + a half” (even on the day after she turned seven).   So different these days but also so much is the same.  She still feels all the feels all the time, has all the energy, and is constantly pushing her limits, but also has THE BIGGEST HEART.  Like really the biggest, she just has this motherly instinct to her + always wants to help everyone else.  She puts all her excitement into everything she does + is always looking forward to something.  She also is my biggest clean freak (love this about her!), she craves organization and cannot stand when something in her room is out of place.  She loves to write lists and notes and sets out her clothes for school the next day the minute she walks in the door.  Still loves dance, school, and is super outgoing and wants to be involved in everything (and know everyone) she can, all the time.

Avalon Elle, four years + five months.  Silly, sensitive, a little shy + super sweet.  All the things I have said about her since her first birthday, she is still all of those things!  She definitely pushes her limits these days (and also copies everything Waverly does) but all in all is by far our most laid-back kid and also the first to make us laugh in a stressful moment, I am so thankful for her. 🙂 She is the cutest combination of girly + tomboy, she is sooooo athletic and loves balls, the color blue and soccer, but also sneaks in my room to put on make-up all the time.  Other favorites are Peppa Pig, her sisters (is constantly looking up to Waverly and wanting to be just like her, while being absolutely obsessed with Remerie!), and would only eat sweets all day long if we let her.  She can write her full name and even though I know she will be nervous, I am so excited to see her in kindergarten next year, I know her teacher will adore her.

Remerie Rue, one year + two months.  Hoooooow?!  She is so dang sweet, our little surprise babe + she just still feels so surreal, all these months later.  She can walk (run!), knows how to climb up + down the stairs, and is always “talking”.  Her current words are mama, dada, more, + Miley (my parents dog’s name).   She loves her baths each night, playing with her sisters, swinging on the playset, and any household product except for toys. 😉  She is our best eater + usually a great sleeper, but is currently teething which has always been super rough for her.  Her temper is probably the biggest of all three girls and she can throw one heck of a tantrum, but is usually back to her sweet self within seconds.  Thankfully!  She still looks a lot different than her sisters, olive skin + a golden blonde hair that seems to be getting longer everyday, and still sucks on the same two fingers a big part of the day.  So very thankful she is ours and so excited to watch her grow over the next few months.

Some fall photos of the girls, this season has been so much fun with them this year!!!!

The last update I did can be found here, soooo long ago!!!! XO

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