Breastfeeding Round Two & A Giveaway

I am five months into exclusively breastfeeding miss Avalon Elle & lasted almost right at a year with Waverly Maye, which means I have been breastfeeding babies for 17 months of my life.  Crazy!  I thought I would share a little bit about my experience with both girls, with a focus on how it’s been going the second time around.  I am definitely no expert, but through trial & error have learned some along the way, I hope this is helpful to someone or that you can find a way to relate. 🙂

I blogged about my experience with Waverly on Julie’s blog here.  Long story short, all is well that ends well, but the first few months were very much a struggle.  During my pregnancy I had every intention to breastfeed, but was completely naive in thinking that it would come naturally.  The pain and overall emotional struggle of the entire experience during those first few weeks were a total shock to me.  I certainly don’t want to scare anyone who hasn’t been through it, but I will never forget how unprepared I felt.  The issues I had with engorgement, with getting her to latch on, and with keeping up my supply were all things I really hadn’t even heard of and my best advice will always be to research and even take a class during your first pregnancy.  With that being said, I am forever grateful for that time I had with her and that I pushed through!  We lasted until right before Waverly’s first birthday and I really consider that an accomplishment, especially since I was working full-time.

So this time!  For us, breastfeeding is definitely one of those cases where the second time was the charm.  Avalon latched on with no problem pretty much at birth & with the exception of some engorgement when my milk came in (which really does hurt like hell!), we really haven’t had issues since.  She loves to eat straight from the source, as much as I love her to, she will take a bottle but absolutely prefers to nurse and is so comforted by it.  I absolutely love those moments with her, cuddling her, listening to her breathe, and just memorizing every little part of her body.  My supply seems to be bigger this time, I am in no way one of those people who makes a lot of milk and has a freezer full of it, but we have quite a few back-up bags compared to living day to day like we did round one.  I am sure my confidence & just overall better idea of the situation is what has made the biggest difference on a more positive experience all-around.

Of course I have my days where I feel over it.  Being someone else’s sole source of nourishment is so empowering & wonderful, but also can be overwhelming.  There are nights that I wish I wasn’t tied to the bed feeding & instead could go read Waverly a book.  There are days that it would be SO much easier to let Avalon hold a bottle in the car seat rather than take twenty more minutes to leave because I had to sit down to feed.  And with only a few back-up bags and still working every other day, most of the time I would rather stay at home and feed Avalon than ever leave her or have more than a beer while she is awake.  It’s just not worth the hassle or the worry, which is totally lame but true.  It would definitely be nice to have a little more freedom at times, but I know that is is just a season & that all the good far outweigh all the bad.  With all of that being said, can I get a big “amen!” from all you working mamas who would like to join me in a bonfire to burn our pumps?!  Because I hate that thing.

I would love to hear your feedback, anything you can relate to or that you have learned from your own experience.  Above all else, I do know that each situation is unique, and we are all just trying our best to do what works for our little ones, whatever that may be!  I’m so excited to offer all you mamas a fun giveaway to make your life a little bit easier, a $50 credit to Purple Laurel.  Whether you are expecting or post-partum, this shop has so many amazing options, including postpartum belly wraps, nursing tops & hands-free pumping bras (I use mine every single day!).  Enter the giveaway at the very bottom of this post, good luck!  The winner will be announced next Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve! 🙂

And because this post wasn’t long enough, I realized that I never shared these pictures from Avalon’s newborn shoot, better late than never, right?!

Pictures By – Brooke Tucker Photography


  1. November 19, 2015 / 1:04 pm

    Love these sweet photos along with you story of your breastfeeding journey!

  2. November 19, 2015 / 1:19 pm

    I'm glad this time around was easier, but I can imagine being the SOLE source of nourishment can get exhausting. Props to you, mama! And what GORGEOUS pictures, seriously, so fabulous!

  3. November 19, 2015 / 1:37 pm

    Oh my gosh, she was so itty bitty! That seems so long ago!! ANd I love how much Waverly LOVES her!! Such a sweet relationship!! xoxo

  4. November 19, 2015 / 2:10 pm

    I am always in awe of working and breastfeeding moms! I love nursing, but oh how I would love a few more comfortable cocktails, especially around celebrations. I have officially been pregnant or nursing continuously for over 4 years now…. I won't even know what to do when I the day comes and I can let loose on the drinks!

  5. November 19, 2015 / 2:12 pm

    OH my gosh, I love sibling love! Especially when it comes to newborns…awww..yes to burning the pumps. Although I did like it once I got the hands free bra thing and had both hands to do something while I was pumping and it was nice to get the automatic break at work. Although being a teacher that's probably hard…I sort of miss pumping, only because it gave me 3 breaks a day!

  6. November 19, 2015 / 2:40 pm

    I agree with you. I was naive and thought it would come easy but that wasn't the case for us and ultimately we ended up needing to use formula instead, for various reasons.
    I'm so glad #2 has come so much easier for you!

  7. November 19, 2015 / 3:27 pm

    We had issues at the beginning with latching and I almost gave up and just pumped and used a bottle, but with time it worked itself out! Glad the second time is easier!

  8. November 19, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    Ashley, I absolutely adore Avalon's birth photos! How sweet are those to baby girls! I'm definitely scared about the beginning of our nursing journey, but I'm also excited! I'm due with my sweet Jackson in just a few short weeks. I've been dreaming about nursing and praying that I have enough to nourish him. I can't wait to experience those quiet tender moments with him! Thank you for sharing your breastfeeding experience! <3

  9. November 19, 2015 / 3:55 pm

    Nursing came easier with my first daughter (now 2) than my second (3 months). My milk came in much faster this time and I already have a fast let down, so as a newborn my sweet babe was gulping while nursing. As a result, she prefers to eat and be done…rarely nursing for comfort. For some reason, I also feel like I had a larger supply with my first…both in terms of the freezer and the amount I am able to pump while working. We're living just about bag to bag! So I feel your frustration. Thanks for sharing and the great give-away…who doesn't love an opportunity to win more nursing tops!?

  10. Anonymous
    November 19, 2015 / 4:27 pm

    I'm' right there with ya sister… praise Jesus for making efficient pumps (can't even imagine what kind of biceps I would have without an electric one), but I live for the weekends when I don't have to look at that pump.

  11. November 19, 2015 / 5:27 pm

    I am so glad that the second time around has been a bit easier! I pray that is the case with us. My body never produced enough milk and we had to supplement with formula. I was able to nurse for about 6 months until my body just quit producing. I am hoping to be able to nurse longer if we are blessed with a second baby. These pictures are beautiful and completely melt me.

  12. November 19, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    Send me an invite to the pump burning party! 🙂 No, really…my second is 10.5 months and I am cutting down from two to one pumping session at work this week. The freedom from just that is amazing! Keep up the good work, mama!

  13. November 19, 2015 / 7:34 pm

    Oh my goodness, I'll be coming to the pump burning party. Breastfeeding is no walk in the park but I'd take it over pumping a million times over!

  14. November 19, 2015 / 8:01 pm

    Love this post! Love reading about other mama's breastfeeding journeys. I would definitely buy a hands free pumping bra! Awesome giveaway. Thanks girl! xx

  15. November 19, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    Probably a nursing top or bra

  16. November 19, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    She's the most perfect little baby! Precious!! And yeah, breastfeeding round two is WHERE IT IS AT. so much better than the first go round. Whew!

  17. November 19, 2015 / 10:07 pm

    Wow, I never really thought about it in numbers before but Ive committed 3.5 years to breastfeeding 2 babes! The second time has been easier because Im at home and don't need to pump (such a relief- lugging it around and cleaning parts every day becomes such a hassle!) I love nursing and even though Im starting to prepare for weaning, it is the sweetest bond I had with my daughters.

  18. November 19, 2015 / 11:04 pm

    I could definitely use a new nursing bra… Mine has seen better days! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  19. November 19, 2015 / 11:36 pm

    I love your littles! Seriously I wish we could have a playdate! Way to go with breastfeeding. I lasted a little over a year with P and still can't believe it. Especially because those first couple of weeks were BRUTAL!

  20. November 20, 2015 / 12:04 am

    First – newborn Avalon! Oh my gosh, the sweetest!!
    Second – this time around has been a complete 180. Marcus wouldn't latch, at all, and I exclusively pumped for 3 months. I never had enough of a supply to make it though a day with him, so we had to supplement at night with formula. By month 3 I tossed the pump and we switched to formula.
    Julia is so different. She's a dream when it comes to nursing. She prefers it over a bottle, and I love our time. That's not to say it's been easy this round either. I've run the gamut of issues (engorgemnt, mastitis, a bleb), and I don't have a ton to stock a freezer. And there are days when I wish I wasn't the only one doing this job. But! I'm really trying to cherish these moments. I know I'm going to blink and this time, our time, will all too soon be over.

  21. November 20, 2015 / 12:15 am

    Wow! Your newborn photo shoot pictures are breath taking!

  22. November 20, 2015 / 12:44 am

    Those photos are gorgeous! Way to go on breastfeeding for a second time around. So much sacrifice. I too wish for more freedom, especially since my son refuses to take a bottle. Even still, I love that I am able to do this journey again.

  23. November 20, 2015 / 2:33 am

    Hurray for an easier experience the second time around! The early pains of breastfeeding definitely scare me a little!

  24. November 20, 2015 / 3:25 am

    Oh, those pics are the sweetest! I have to say how sad this made me only because Crew decided he was too cool for school and weaned himself last week. I feel incredibly grateful that I nursed both Charli and Crew for 15 months each. I know every person is different but I have to say I never once had a breastfeeding issue with Charli or Crew. They both latched on from day 1, my supply was tremendous, but the pain the first go around was awful, I did get one infection with Charli that hurt like hell, and then my relationship with the pump because of my surgery with Crew was horrible. I don't know how you do it mama…. You are a rockstar!

  25. November 20, 2015 / 8:50 am

    I would buy a hands free pumping bra! I would love to see a post about your favorite nursing clothes. I am a month into my nursing adventure and already tired of the same clothes.

  26. November 20, 2015 / 12:15 pm

    Isn't it wild how different two siblings can be?! It just amazes me every day. I'd love a new nursing bra or a top! Thanks so much!

  27. November 22, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    I will buy the Nude Compression Wrap if I win. Or one of the maternity support items, the Maternity Support Belt looks great!

  28. November 22, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    Oh lady I totally understand! So far I've breastfed for 22 months between the 2 of them. Whew! My babies have been completely different too. Cam was early and didn't latch well or at all. We went to lactation for 7 weeks and we still struggled for months to get a groove. I pumped with him to make sure I had enough in case he stopped wanting to nurse and he took bottles like a champ. Emmy latched on within minutes of being born and hasn't looked back. Now, I haven't pumped since July this time around and the girl won't take a bottle unless I'm not around and she has to. Ahh! 🙂 It's amazing how different they are. Both my babies are/were soothers when it came to nursing too. Right now I'm trying to remember how to wean her off. Ha ha!

  29. November 22, 2015 / 11:23 pm

    Way to go mama! I was so unprepared too. Taking a class would have made things a little bit easier. Those pictures are adorable! xo

  30. November 23, 2015 / 7:08 am

    My daughter and I are just adoring your beautiful pictures, and your perfect little babies! They are both so beautiful. I love your blog and will continue to read for sure!!! As for the website… I would love to get Bodybrief Shapewear but there is really so many things to choose from!

  31. Jet
    November 23, 2015 / 11:58 am

    I'd love to get the full baby belt

  32. November 23, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    i might get the PL Postpartum Girdle

  33. November 23, 2015 / 10:43 pm

    I would choose a nursing bra.thank you for the giveaway and beautiful pictures! <3

  34. November 23, 2015 / 11:00 pm

    I would get the White Savoy Seamless Bra.

  35. November 23, 2015 / 11:16 pm

    I would get the Wireless Nursing Bra for my Niece who is expecting soon.

  36. November 23, 2015 / 11:26 pm

    I would purchase postpartum shapewear, especially the Black Compression Girdle.

  37. Rachel
    November 24, 2015 / 2:04 am

    I would get the gray Datoni wrap nursing top.

  38. November 24, 2015 / 2:28 am

    I would buy the SlimCore Brief.

  39. November 24, 2015 / 2:54 am

    The Savoy bra looks so comfy. My best friend had a baby girl on Friday and I'd love to give her this for a little something.

  40. November 24, 2015 / 5:45 am

    I'd love to get some of the nursing henley tops.

  41. November 24, 2015 / 6:01 am

    I would buy the Fully Coverage Belly Band!

  42. November 24, 2015 / 6:37 am

    I really like the Datoni Wrap Nursing Top and the Pink Kismet Seamless Bra, these are definitely two must haves!

  43. November 24, 2015 / 7:21 am

    I would buy a Black Body Band and maybe a nursing bra!

  44. November 24, 2015 / 8:33 am

    This would be for my friend's granddaughter who just had a baby. She would decide what she needs.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  45. November 24, 2015 / 11:51 am

    I'd get the Black Plaisir Stripe Nursing Hoodie.

  46. November 24, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    I would love the Delta Nursing Henley top! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. November 24, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    I would get a post partum belly wrap or a comfy nursing bra

  48. November 24, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    I like the blue sutley nursing Cardigan but I would let my daughter choose.

  49. November 24, 2015 / 3:09 pm

    If I was the lucky winner, I think I would get the Gray Anjou Swing Nursing Top!!

  50. November 24, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    I really like the Pink Kismet Seamless Bra

  51. November 24, 2015 / 3:46 pm

    I'g get a Nursing Bra for my girlfriend, baby is incoming soon 😀
    Btw, thanks for the chance 🙂

  52. November 24, 2015 / 3:47 pm

    I'd get a Nursing Bra for my wife and our incoming baby 🙂
    Thanks for the chance.

  53. November 24, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    I would get some nursing bras! I am going back to work soon and I don't have any good ones with support and coverage.

  54. meghan b
    November 24, 2015 / 4:45 pm

    I would buy new nursing bras!

  55. November 24, 2015 / 6:26 pm

    Id love the green verena nursing top!! great selection!

  56. Olivia W
    November 24, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    Nursing my first son. Going to atleast 6 to 8 months! Hopefully much longer!

  57. November 24, 2015 / 7:26 pm

    I would buy a relaxed pump bra

  58. November 24, 2015 / 8:19 pm

    I'd buy the Andrea nursing top!

  59. November 24, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    I would get nursing bras! The Kismet bra in beige and pink would be perfect.

  60. November 24, 2015 / 10:16 pm

    I am interested in the wide 4B support belt.

  61. November 24, 2015 / 10:41 pm

    I like the Ultra Control Waistnipper

  62. November 24, 2015 / 11:28 pm

    I'd like one of their nursing tops, especially the Teal anjou top!

  63. November 25, 2015 / 1:59 am

    I would buy a nursing bra!! My princess is due in Feb! I Hope her pictures come out as beautiful as yours did!!

  64. November 25, 2015 / 3:30 am

    White Savoy Seamless Bra

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