Boo Zoo & Our Weekend

We woke up early Saturday morning to take the girls to the boo zoo, which is basically a fun celebration of all things Halloween at our local zoo.  They have lots of cute decorations to look at, bounce houses, tables with candy for the kids to trick or treat from, and obviously, the animals!  This was easily Waverly’s favorite fall activity we have done so far, she loves animals so much & could have just stared at them all day, plus all of the candy really sealed the deal for her.  We have gone each year since she turned one but this year was definitely the most fun, especially since we got to bring her little sister along this time, I can’t believe they will both be running around there together next year! 🙂 
Girls Hats (Similar) – Waverly’s BootsWaverly’s Dress – My Jeans (Similar, On-Sale!) – My Hat
We spent the rest of our weekend watching some football, carving pumpkins, & decorating the outside of the house for next weekend.  This time of year is truly the best, I don’t want it to end!

And lastly, in other news, I’ve been researching my little mama heart out on this one, but thought I would ask here, this community is always the best on things like this!  Little miss Avalon Elle (our rockstar sleeper!), has hit a bit of a wall when it comes to rest.  At first it was just naptime, which was a struggle, but pretty manageable since she was still sleeping so well at night, just like she always has.  And then it hit our nights –  and I totally understood where the “gamechanger” part of having two was. 😉  We are slowly working through it, she has been doing much better, but I think the major problem is that she is still in a rock-n-play.  She just seems to get easily uncomfortable in there, but when we try to move her to the crib, she rolls around, really confused & acts like it is way too much room for her (my pediatrician has advised us against a swaddle at this age).  I’ve tried transitioning to naps first, we’ve had a couple successful (shorter) ones, but most of the time I end up putting her in the rock-n-play because I would rather her have some good rest than anything else.  Which I know that I am going to be kicking myself for in a few months when she is still in the rock-n-play.  I’m actually starting to have images of her hanging out of it but still sleeping in it at age seven.  #help

And with all of that being said, this has been one of those things that 1 – humbles you as a second-time parent, we really don’t know everything & never will, and 2 – makes you appreciate that you are a second-time parent, because you know this is one of lots of challenges that you will overcome & look back on laughing.  This precious face, more than worth it, I am thankful everyday for her.

And take this as proof that she does sleep. 🙂

Happy week, friends!


  1. October 26, 2015 / 1:49 pm

    What a fun activity. We have a BOO at the Zoo event near us and it's such a cute program. Glad Waverly had fun, her lil bag is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too cute.

    I'm sorry about Avalon not sleeping well. I'm not a mama, so don't really have advice. I did have a friend who's baby didn't like sleeping flat because she suffered from some acid reflux, maybe that is her issue with her crib? I hope whatever it is gets figured out soon, everyone needs some rest it sounds like :)! You've got this, mama!

  2. October 26, 2015 / 1:57 pm

    That little acorn hat! I die–it's so cute!! So glad you guys had a good time at the zoo. Candy, animals…whats not to love?

  3. October 26, 2015 / 2:20 pm

    Boo Zoo looks like a blast. I wish we had one closer so we could go. The closest is almost 2 hours away. Maybe when they are older. Love the girl's hats!! So sorry Avalon's sleeping is going backward a bit. If it makes you feel better Emmy had been too at 9 months. Naps are a struggle. Ugh!! She went through the same thing when she was little with the crib. She freaked out like it was just too big for her. I put her back in the Rock and play too. She was in it until 5 months and her Docband PT "blames" it on her flat spot we are now correcting. Wish someone had told me rock n plays "cause" flat spots since they can't roll. I should have figured it out myself, but sleep deprived momma didn't think of it. Do you guys have a specific bedtime routine that helps her? I'll put some more thought into it. What about a halo sleepsack? You don't have to swaddled but she's cozy in that.

  4. October 26, 2015 / 2:39 pm

    Your girls are TOO CUTE. Also what a fun zoo day :). Praying for some REST xx.

  5. October 26, 2015 / 2:41 pm

    So so fun! I am pretty sure all things "Boo Zoo" related is my favorite Fall activity as well! We had a blast at ours a couple weekends ago! I am so sorry about the sleep… ugh. So frustrating. You think you have it all together and these babes throw something new in our faces am I right?! To be completely honest, do what works for you and do what works for sleep right now. If it is the rock n play, who cares. Both Charli and Crew basically napped in their swings until 5-6 months old and then just one day started napping in their cribs. Or if that isn't what you want to do you could always try swaddling her with her arms out so her body still feels snug? Or what I have ALWAYS done for both at night is nurse them to sleep. I have heard people say that it is "so bad because noonelse can get them to sleep" but that has never been the case for us. I hope something gives for you guys soon! xoxo

  6. October 26, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    Everyone is posting such darling pictures of their Boo Zoo trips and Im feeling so left out haha. Darling!!

    We only used the Rock n Play for 2 months because Brielana ended up squished down into the bend and hated having her legs bunched up into her chest. Before doing crib naps I placed her on the Boppy pillow on top of my bed (since ahe wasnt rolling yet at this point) and she was pretty cozy. Once she started rolling, in the crib she went! She's actually a tummy sleeper so that was kinda scary at first. Good luck! Having night time interruptions is no fun.

  7. October 26, 2015 / 5:23 pm

    What a fun weekend….adorable outfits, as always! Regarding sleep, I will be checking this post in a few days because we are in the same boat! We did some sleep training, and she was NOT having the crib. She doesn't roll yet, but she apparently doesn't like sleeping flat on her back! So, I put her back in the Rock and Play, and she slept fine. She's teething now, so that's waking us up every two hours, but I have no advice for the crib transition. I was planning on waiting until she was a good roller and trying her on her stomach (I know, I know), but Cam slept so well on his tummy, that I am hoping that is our answer, in a few months. We'll see!

  8. October 26, 2015 / 8:50 pm

    I'd also try a Halo Sleep sack. We LOVED ours. They make one that does have swaddle flaps, but you can do arms out so it isn't really a true swaddle. Might make her a little more snuggled without going the full on swaddle route. Good luck, mama!

  9. October 26, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    My friend Jen over at Baking Baby Brown just reviewed today something called a dock a tot. Maybe look into something like that? Wish I could be of more help!

  10. October 26, 2015 / 11:29 pm

    Good luck with t sleep thing. I'm sure it's just a short phase and that she will be a great sleeper again in no time!

  11. October 26, 2015 / 11:58 pm

    oh next year with two mobile! Sounds both terrifying and awesome.

    Sorry about the sleep. I wish I had any good advice.

  12. October 27, 2015 / 5:01 am

    LOVE that photo of Avalon and your husband! He is such a good girl dad. I love seeing him and his girls together!

  13. October 27, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    Oh how fun!! I wish our zoo did something like this! Mia would be alllll over it!
    I am so so sorry that her sleep hasn't improved. I am still in the sleep deprivation stage so I know how hard it is! I wish I had some advice for you! I am a little crazy about my kids strictly sleeping in their beds as to avoid them getting used to movement of a swing, etc because I am so scared of having to transition them out of that (in other words, I don't know how to go about it) but that means I don't let them sleep on me nearly as much as I should 🙁 Good luck!! Once she starts napping more she should sleep better at night! I've noticed that with both kids… When they are caught up on sleep, they sleep better. When they are too tired, they sleep worse (not sure how that works, but it's been the same patter for both Mia and James!)

  14. October 27, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    Okay, so I am definitely going to be perusing the comments here because we are going through the SAME things. Vivian is still in our room, and I am not sure how to transition her to her nursery and her crib. I know she won't sleep long in there – like Avalon, she rolls around, sticks her arms and legs through the slats, and wakes herself up. Sigh. Definitely the gamechanger – because when the baby doesn't sleep well, it has no effect on the toddler – who still wakes up at 6 am in our house, raring to go, lol. Needless to say, we are in the "whatever it takes" mode during the nighttime hours in our house. Which may mean that Vivi is in our room til middle school, lol!!!

  15. October 27, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    Your Zoo Boo looks and sounds like so much fun! I think or zoo does something like this. We just might have to check it out next year!

    I feel you on the sleep. Naps are a serious struggle. We haven't had a real, solid, in-the-crib nap in ages. The cat naps are killing me. I hope your littlest lady starts getting in so good naps for you!

  16. Anonymous
    October 27, 2015 / 4:44 pm

    Hi. My daughter slept in the rock and sleeper until almost 6 months and the transition to the crib was tough! We started by rolling a bath towel up like a snack and making it into a U position and putting it under the crib sheet. I would then lay my daughter with her side on the sides of the U and he butt in the curved part – it made her feel more secure and prevented her from rolling around so much. We did this for about a month and then took it out and she was good to go. Hope this helps!

  17. October 27, 2015 / 6:42 pm

    Oh, Avalon's smile, TOO CUTE!! And YOU, hot momma!!
    Ever heard of a zipadee-zip? It's like a little starfish suit for babies that can no longer be swaddled, it still 'contains' them but they can safely roll, etc. Maybe that would help her feel more cozy..? (I think they're expensive, if you want me to send your ours that we aren't using, to try, let me know) Or put a few towels under the sheet in her crib, on the sides/kind of like ridges, to make it feel not so big? Hopefully this phase/stage passes soon. Hang in there!! 🙂

  18. October 27, 2015 / 7:10 pm

    How fun!! We have this at our zoo as well but weren't able to take a trip. Definitely next year it looks like so much fun!! xo

  19. October 27, 2015 / 7:28 pm

    If only there was a trick that could get your baby to take amazing naps and sleep through the night! If there was one, and I knew it, I would be sharing it with you for sure! As it is, we are kind of in the same boat as you. Spotty naps and a decent nighttime sleep. But, Oliver sleeps in his rock n play for both naps and bedtime. I know he's going to have to transition to the crib sooner than later, but I keep putting off. Though, I've been thinking about slowly starting to move him into his crib: first for naps and then at bedtime. I'm hoping that it will go smoothly; we shall see. I still swaddle him too, although, most times he breaks free within minutes so I think it's time for us to use a sleepsac for him so he can still be warm and a little secure like when swaddled. I hope Avalon starts sleeping better for you and that you get it all figured out soon than later!

  20. October 27, 2015 / 9:18 pm

    Sorry the sleep is still rough. I am of no help, but I do sympathize. Finn sneaks in naps when he can, but he doesn't get nearly the sleep that he probably should. Naps & nights are tough here too. But I've accepted it, so we power on.

  21. October 28, 2015 / 12:23 am

    I'm curious, why can't she be swaddled? The American Academy of Pediatrics says you can swaddle up to 9 months (or as long as your baby needs it). AAP suggestions on swaddling —

    I definitely think you should trust your doctor, but if she sleeps better with a swaddle maybe ask why you wouldn't be able to use it?

    I have a house of bad sleepers, and I'll do anything!! 🙂

  22. October 28, 2015 / 3:30 am

    I can't wait to bring Brylee to a zoo boo one year. I have no words of wisdom on the sleeping because I thought we had it figured out and then all of a sudden it changes again (and Brylee just turned two:|)

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  23. Anonymous
    October 28, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    What about Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit? It helps with the swaddle transition.

  24. October 28, 2015 / 2:35 pm

    Andi was a FABULOUS (like super fab) sleeper and slept in the pack-n-play beside our bed. At 5 1/2 months she hit a major regression and we're still not sure if teeth are on the way or what but she was up every 2 to 3 hours all of a sudden and I was a zombie. She was getting caught up against the pack-n-play walls and was just basically uncomfortable. We started naps in crib upstairs for a couple weeks and then just started overnights about 2 weeks ago and she is only waking up once to eat. Scary bc its upstairs but I guess at almost 7 months it was time! Good luck to you all, especially with 2! Go Mama!

  25. October 30, 2015 / 11:15 am

    Oh, the sleep. Beloved sleep. 🙂 Tell me it will happen again? I don't have any advice for you, as I'm right in the middle of the whole newborn thing again. 3.5 years ago wasn't that long, but with Wyatt, I feel like I forgot everything with Cash as a newborn.

    I do have a question, though, how come Avalon can't be swaddled? I'm trying to think how long Cash was swaddled for & for the life of me, I can't remember. Avalon was born in May, correct?

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