Birthday Gift Ideas // Greetabl

Somehow my first little girl will be SIX in just a few short weeks, I cannot even wrap my head around it!  She has been counting down to her big day for mooonths, making plans and writing lists and just being all around over the moon excited to be an entire six years old.  We can’t wait to celebrate her, both girls will have a joint party again in a few weeks and then Waverly will get to choose anywhere she wants to go on her actual day, followed with dinner at her favorite restaurant with family (and a Wonder Woman birthday cake!) that night.

Waverly is super easy to shop for, she can find something she loves and “has to have” pretty much anywhere we go and constantly has a list of things she wants written in her journal under her bed.  I wanted to get her something special in addition to all the typical stuff she is used to though, and was super excited to team up with the cutest shop, Greetabl to create a personalized card & little gift her her.  The site is incredibly user-friendly and so much fun to use, I was able to put together a card with some of my favorite photos from the last year and a cute print to match!  There is also an option to add a fun little thoughtful gift, she is really looking forward to blowing out six candles this year, so I added some candles in her favorite colors.  The package came in the cutest little box, I gave it to her early so we could display it during her birthday month – she loved it so much and has been holding on to it ever since!

I love the idea of using Greetabl for other events throughout the year, there are tons of other options that make it perfect for all sorts of holidays and especially on birthdays for those people (we all have!) that are hard to buy for.  It will definitely be my go-to birthday gift moving forward!  To find out more & to try for yourself, head here to sign up to be a Greetabl insider — you will get a $20 credit for a totally free Greetabl, plus free shipping for an entire year.  You can also use the code ashleywbrickner for 15% off.  Enjoy, friends! XO

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