Big Sister Girls & Gifts

Words really cannot even express how EXCITED I am to see my big girls with their baby sister in just a couple months.  I know I have said it before, but the moment Waverly walked down the hospital hall and saw Avalon for the first time, then held her, and talked to her with her sweetest little voice — forever one of my favorite moments of my entire life.  Watching them together since then is usually my favorite, of course we have lots of challenging moments, but sisterhood really is something incredibly special.  It honestly drives me crazyyy when people assume we were “hoping for a boy” (which I hear  way too often), adding another Brickner sister is truly my dream come true and I love that we get to experience it all times three.

Waverly & the baby will be six years apart, most likely the same week the baby arrives she will be starting FIRST GRADE so this will be way different than the first time around!  She already is so nurturing to Avalon (sometimes bossy), but she is 100% a typical first born and being a big sister is just her thing.  I know she is going to love having another little sister around and will be such a natural, I am excited to be watch them together and equally as excited to have all her help!  Avalon Elle, she is way more hesitant to change and does the little sister role pretty well, so I am super anxious to see how she interacts with the baby.  For the first few months of this pregnancy, whenever we talked about the baby, she always said “sissy will hold baby sis, I will watch”.  But the last month or so she has really been into it, constantly talking about her, saying that she can’t wait to hold her, and she gives my belly a kiss & a hug at least three times a day.  Avalon is just so loving and sweet by nature, this baby girl is going to be lucky to have her as a big sister.

I teamed up with two of my favorite shops to surprise the girls with early big sister gifts, they were so excited about these and I loved getting them something to make them feel extra special before a major change around here in the next couple of months.

The strollers are from Trio Kid and match the one I will be using (right down to the color!), and we have already used them tons.  The girls love to walk their “babies” down the street and also pack the area underneath with all their bags!  The unicorn dolls are from Cuddle & Kind, they have our faaaavorite dolls ever and we also love, love their mission — for each doll purchased, they provide ten meals to children in need.  Both sites are linked, they would be such fun gifts for any little ones, any time of year!

Happy halfway through the week! XO


  1. July 11, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    Those big sister gifts are so super adorable!!! I cant wait for an occasion to purchase from Cuddle & Kind – I love their mission also! Thanks for the information! Oh and MAJOR congrats on your soon be here baby girl! Every baby is such a special gift! Hugs!

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