Back To School Shoes//Jenzy

We are finishing our first full week of school today, it has been very busy & definitely an adjustment getting all the places again after a summer at home, but it also feels good to be back in a routine.  My big girls love their teachers and have tons of friends in their classes, and little Remie Rue is back at her same preschool from last year & has done so well.  So very proud of all three of them and cannot wait to see all the fun things they will do this year!!!

One of my favorite parts of back to school when I was younger was the shopping of course, & Waverly Maye has definitely inherited that trait.  We were so excited to team up with our friends @jenzykicks to get new shoes for all three girls, we have worked with them before and they make shopping for little people soooo much easier.   Their app is super easy to use, it has a place to size your kids and then matches their feet to the shoes that will actually fit them.  No more returns or the craziness of having to take your kids to try on shoes, it is such a gift for busy mamas!

Here in VA, September is still super warm so I picked out sandals for Waverly & Remie.  I LOVED the red for back to school, they are such a fun change to our normal neutral shoes.  Avalon chose her own, glitter pink of course, these are so very her and I know she will get a lot of wear out of them all year long.

The app to shop is called @shopjenzy, and you can also shop at  Use the code ASHLEY for 15% off.  Wishing you the happiest school year & all the HAPPY shopping! XO

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