Back To School 2022

Happy to report that we survived the back to school hustle over here, we are now almost 4 weeks into the 2022 school year + settling into a bit of a routine!  Our three big girls are in FIFTH, second and Pre-K this year — hard to believe that Waverly Maye will somehow head to middle school the next time a new school year rolls around, I am truly soaking in these last super sweet elementary school days with her.

A few things I always want to rememeber about this school year.  Half our girls are at one school and the other half at another, of course Waverly + Avalon are together (always so dang cute!) and now, Remie + Delilah get to be together also!  We switched Remie to a new preschool this year because it offers an infant program for baby sis, it was so bittersweet to leave a school we loved and I was pretty worried about it, but it has worked out so well.  Remie loves her new school and looooooves that Delilah is in the same place as her.   I am working part-time this year so I am able to drop them off on the way and come back in the afternoon to get them, it’s always one of the best parts of my day.

Waverly is such an active fifth grader, I am so proud of her and love how much she loves school.  Avalon is the cutest little second grader and loves seeing all her girlfriends each day, both of them (and Remie Rue!) are still doing dance and look forward to it each week.

Some photos from the first week of school. 🙂

Happy almost October and FALL!!!!!  Love this time of year so much! XO

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