Back to School 2021

We are three weeks into school & I am finally getting around to sharing a little bit about what back to school looked like this year for us.  Thankfully there were no big transitions or tears this time around, all three of my girls returned to the same school as before, with lots of friends & familiar faces!!

Waverly and Avalon are in their second year of being at the same school together, I always looked forward to this time so much and it really is so sweet watching them walk out at the end of the day together.  Waverly is in fourth grade (doesn’t seem possible!), I promise I was just following her bus to kindergarten and now somehow next year she will be the OLDEST at the school.  She loves her Spanish immersion program, her friends, and has turned into very much a rule follower and is super focused about school.  Avalon is loving life and being with all her little friends in the first grade, her main goal each day is to have all the fun 🙂  This is so funny because they used to be the other way around, but I guess it comes with the territory of their ages too.  We are just very thankful that they love school and are all around happy kids.

Remie moved up to the 3s class at preschool, she has the same teacher that Avalon had when she was three.  One of the highlights of my every day is walking in to pick her up right after nap and seeing how precious she is sitting with all the other kids in her class.  She plays school almost every night, exactly like Waverly Maye used to do when she was that age, it’s so sweet to listen to her recite the names of all her classmates and pretend like she is the teacher.  She loves books, painting, and will 100% of the time pick the color purple for anything she creates.  She is also on her way to being potty trained (!!!), I am so proud of her and how quickly she transitions after being home all summer with me.

Hope your school year is off to the best start!  So excited to begin all the fall festivities! XO

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