Back To School 2020

We are three weeks into the school year + living to tell about it. 🙂 Obviously like everything else in 2020, back to school looks completely different but the good news is that we are pretty used to that by now!  The last six months I have been constantly reminded of how resilient kids are + how they honestly take to change way better than adults do.  I am so thankful for that, especially since this was going to be a big year for us regardless — three out of the four of us girls are in completely new schools and situations!

A little bit about what the 2020 school year looks like our way, at least for now.  We are all at school in person, following social distancing guidelines + making the most of it.

Waverly Maye, third grade.  Waverly is the only one who stayed at the same school + per usual, she is LOVING it!  She is our little social butterfly who thrives on routine and organization, she loves to write lists and schedules and never misses the opportunity to set out her clothes each night.  She spends most of her afternoons playing teacher and reciting everything that went on in the school day, she has done this forever + it’s my favorite.  She loves Spanish, writing, and most of all being a part of every fun activity and celebration.

Avalon Elle, kindergarten.  It still breaks my heart that Avalon’s kindergarten year is not starting out the way we had hoped or ever thought it would, but she is the most go with the flow kid ever + is so excited to finally be at school with Waverly that she only sees the positive in all of it.  She loves having a computer, reading books, and is constantly drawing little pictures.  She used to be super shy but has grown out of that mostly, she already has made so many little friends and is excited to know a few friends in her class from the neighborhood.

Remerie Rue, preschool. The hardest transition of all.  We made the decision to put Remie in preschool this year last winter before any of the craziness, we felt it was best to get her around other kids her age and also for consistency while I was at school each day.  Of course fast forward, I have been home with her pretty much 24-7 since March and she is attached. 😉 We knew it would be a challenge to get her used to a new place + new people, and we were definitely right — there have been lots of tears and adjustment, but finally we are at the point that each day is getting better!  I am so happy for her to have her own little friends and every day I get SO EXCITED to reunite with her in the afternoon, a highlight for sure.

Sending love to whatever situation you are in this year, I know many families had hard decisions to make + I hope you found peace in what you feel is best for you!!!!!  We got this! XO

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