Baby’s First Bottle

Up until approximately one week ago today, the only feedings Waverly experienced in her entire six week life were with me.  I realize that six weeks is not a long time, but when a baby feeds about every two to three hours 24 hours a day, that is a lot of feedings.  And although we definitely had our ups & downs with the entire breastfeeding experience, I really do cherish my time feeding my baby girl and have come to thouroughly enjoy it. 
Nevertheless, there obviously had to come a time when Waverly had to be fed by someone other than me, and six weeks was the time period that our pediatrician suggested.  SO, it seemed like the perfect time to let daddy take part in this special bonding time, even if just for a few times a week.  We had heard a multitude of warnings from others on how hard of a transition it could be, so we were fully prepared for a process that could take up to a week.  We planned for Wednesday, and after we got the bottles ready, I mentally prepared for Waverly not to take the bottle since she was so used to me.
Well … no preparations needed.  As I waited upstairs (a little sad that she didn’t need me … ) and worried that she wouldn’t take to the bottle, she was sucking down the bottle from my husband downstairs.  As I peeked my head into the room they had set up for the “first bottle feeding,” I was not needed at all.  They were more than successful.  And they haven’t turned back since. 

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