Baby in a Bumbo

While “Waiting for Waverly,” I was fortunate to be showered with many gifts from family and friends … and therefore, Waverly has more clothes, accessories, toys, and baby equipment than any little girl could ask for.  And even though she hasn’t shown much of an interest into the incredible amount of that baby equipment we recieved (to say the least!), Waverly seemed halfway into the Bumbo seat that I got out for her to try today. 🙂

I fully admit that I didn’t know what a Bumbo seat was until I registered for it back when I was just halfway through my pregnancy, and even then wasn’t sure why it was a necessity and “ranked high by moms everywhere … “.  However, since having Waverly, I realize how invaluable one of these “baby apparatuses” can be.  (Side note:  Not sure if baby apparatus is a word, but that is what we have been calling all of the baby equipment that now surrounds my home.) 

Needless to say, the Bumbo seat was created for babies to sit in before they could sit up themselves, and can be used once they have good head control.  It is typically used starting at three months, but since our baby girl can already hold her head up, I thought it was time to bring it out.  And I am glad I did … she even stayed in it for a full 10 minutes on TWO separate occasions.

SO proud of my baby girl in her Bumbo. 


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