Baby Girl Three!

Our sweet surprise baby on the way is a GIRL!!!!!!!!  A baby SISTER!  We are over the moon excited and already counting down the days to meeting her.
We found out a few weeks ago after the results came back from our blood test, but it honestly doesn’t even feel real yet.  When I was younger, I was pretty convinced that we would end up with a bunch of boys, I’m not even sure why I thought that and know it would have been incredibly amazing in it’s own way, but here I am, 16 weeks pregnant with my third baby girl and feeling overwhelmed with joy and so very thankful.  I just keep thinking of what a magical childhood 
our girls will have growing up together, and maybe even more special, the sisterhood that they will share for their entire lives.  Since we’ve shared our news, I’ve had so many people message me or comment on how they are one of three sisters and it was their favorite, or how they knew a family with all girls and how special it was to see them together, and all of that just makes me smile so much.  I am soooo happy for them and already get butterflies thinking of seeing our THREE sissies together for the first time!
My husband is just fine, I think it takes a very special man to be able to raise girls and he’s got it down.  He can braid hair like a boss and helps put princess dresses on without blinking an eye, and of course our girls love all of that, but they also care about the stuff he is into just as much.  One of Waverly’s favorite things is watching deer hunting videos and Avalon’s favorite color is blue, she would rather play with a bunch of cars than dolls any day.  I love that he raises them to think (or know!) that they can do anything or be into anything that boys can, and I know he will do the same with our next little lady.
She is so very loved already!

The biggest thank you for sharing in our excitement this week, it truly mean so much! XO

All images by Shawna Bielat Photography.


  1. March 21, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    Three girls, SO EXCITING! I'm one of three girls and it was a loud household but SO MUCH FUN! My two sisters are my BESTEST friends and I'm so thankful to be the oldest sister. SO FUN, all the pink!

    psdotcom, I swear we are only going to have boys, now I'm like eek.

  2. March 21, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    Congratulations! You two make the cutest little girls. I can't wait to 'meet' this sweet baby girl.

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