We have been super busy packing our hospital bags, finalizing the nursery, and getting all the last-minute things for baby sister — tomorrow I will be 37 WEEKS and technically she could come anytime now!  Baby prep is so much fun, but also can be overwhelming, there are just soooo many products out there to choose from (way more now than even just a few years ago when I was pregnant with Avalon!).  We recently teamed up with Nuna on a new big stroller for the baby, we will be using this in addition to a smaller one for quick trips and also our double one.  We are so excited about the Nuna and have already been testing it out by taking the girls favorite dollies on trips around the block!

I am kind of addicted to reading reviews on products before getting anything, especially something as big as a stroller we will be using all the time, so I read a ton about the Nuna Mixx2 before this partnership.  Almost everyone I read who had it, loved it, and after it arrived I completely understood why.  It is easy to maneuver and glides so well, and also is soooo easy to collapse — which is something that I have found to be super important over the years.  The basket at the bottom is big enough to carry your bag (as well as 10 million snacks and drink cups for your other kids, plus the purses you have to hoard if you are a girl mom like me!).  I also love how sleek and minimalistic it is!
We also got the Nuna PIPA car seat and will be using that when she is little, the seat pictured is for babies starting at about six months!
If you are in the market for a new stroller or know someone who is, you can find the Nuna Mixx2 here.  Happy Friday, friends!! XO

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