Avalon Elle’s Golden Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Avalon’s sixth birthday with a golden theme, since she turned six years old on June 6th!  We always recognize golden birthdays around here, it’s funny to me when people have no idea what I am talking about because it’s such a normal thing to us.  I will forever remember my own golden birthday, 29 years old on August 29th, I had a one month old Waverly Maye to celebrate with. 🙂

This brunch was pretty easy to plan, I worked with Ellie + Piper on the balloon garland and we just added some pops of pink balloons because with three girls — I just always add pink to everything!  The paper products/cake topper are also from Ellie + Piper, and I already had this banner which made the perfect centerpiece.  And my sister-in-law did the sweetest golden cookies, which is always a highlight for all of us, especially Avalon who loves sweets so much!

After brunch we headed to the pool, it rained but without thunder or lightning so Avi got to dance in the pouring rain with her little girlfriends from school which was probably the highlight of the weekend for her!!  It was such a fun entire weekend of celebrating, now we have just a few more days of school and then SUMMER.  We.are.READY!

Happiest birthday sweeeeet Avalon Elle, we love, love, love you!

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