Five weeks into baby number three and life is sweeter, and more chaotic, than ever.  Everyone told me that number three is a game-changer, and in a lot ways I totally get that now — with three kids, there is ALWAYS something to do, someone always needs something (or more likely all three need something at the same time), and there have been many times when I felt in way over my head.  But also, third time around & it’s just so much easier not to worry about the small stuff and to embrace the crazy, knowing how quickly everything changes.  Also to focus on the positive and the sweet moments, which there have been a whole lot of!!  We absolutely love having three kids and I already cannot imagine life any other way.

Sharing a few of our favorite products for Remerie today, these are all things that were sent to me during my pregnancy and I have been loving finally getting to use them the last month!

We use our dock-a-tot every single day & night, and we love it.  Because Remie loves it.  I know every other mama would agree, there is no price tag on good sleep and it is wellllll worth every penny.  It’s super cozy and comfy for the babes, and is also super convenient, we use it in our bassinet at night and I move it to wherever we are throughout the day for naps or even just to set her in while we are hanging out.  Full disclosure, Remerie is not the best sleeper and does not like to be put down — which is probably another post for another day — but if there is somewhere she will go for a bit, this is one of those things.  I will forever recommend it!

I was really excited to try the ollie swaddle, I used SO MANY different swaddles with both Waverly & Avalon and really never found one that we loved other than just a traditional swaddle blanket that you do yourself.  We can’t really decide yet if Remie likes to be swaddled or not, and are still really going back and forth night to night to try to figure out what works best, but the night we used the ollie swaddle she slept pretty well.  It gets your babe super tight and is supposed to mimic the womb (which obviously she loved, being nine days late & induced), so I am excited to try it more over the next couple weeks!

I am waiting on one final piece (a name sign) for the nursery and then will do a post to share it all, in the meantime, a little bit about the rug I decided to go with — we love it so much!!  Lorena Canals has the prettiest rugs ever, I could find a place for one in every room of the house!  My favorite part is that they are washable, I had one that wasn’t with Avalon and will never make that mistake again.  We have already washed this one a couple times!  The pink & white basket is also by the same brand, it’s super versatile as well and I love how it is two-toned.

The binxy baby shopping cart hammock is honestly genius, the first time I went grocery shopping after Remie was born I did not take it, and had to have Waverly push the stroller while I pushed the cart.  And this was only with two kids, Avalon was home with my husband!  I loooove the idea of being able to let your baby lay on top of the cart while you fill it with what you need, it really is the best idea ever!

If you are expecting, know someone who is or have a little one of you own — these are all such great products which really do make a difference in your day to day.  And your sanity! 🙂 Hope it was helpful, happiest weekend! XO


My little brother got MARRIED over the weekend!!  He (and his wife!) live in Colorado and had the most beautiful ceremony & reception at a ski resort in Breckenridge.  My big girls were the flower girls and sadly, I was not able to make the trip with Remerie being so little and not able to fly yet, but we made the most out of it and Facetimed throughout the weekend to feel as much a part of it as we could.  The girls had the absolute best time, it was Avalon’s first plane ride and both girls loved being able to play in the snow!  It was so weird being here without them, we loved being able to focus on Remie and to just slow down for a bit, but the quiet house was almost sad and I missed their tiny voices so much.  Such a good reminder that even though us mamas crave peace & quiet, one day once it’s all gone it will surely be missed, just like everyone tells us.

I took some photos of the girls in their dresses before they left, they were the cutest pretending they were “getting married like mommy & daddy” and wanted to borrow our rings to do their own vows.  Their dresses were custom by Wrare Doll, I looooove how they turned out and we will have to figure out somewhere else they can wear them before too long!

Congratulations Austin & Sarah, we are so incredibly happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness. XO

Our Remie girl turned one month old yesterday, four of the sweetest & fastest weeks of my life!

Third time around and I feel like I am embracing & enjoying the newborn stage more than ever before.  I knew life with three with would be chaotic (and it is), but I reminded myself throughout my pregnancy of how fast it goes and also promised myself that once she was here, I would slow down and soak in this stage as much as I could.  Our days are full of school drop-offs and dance class and homework and endless snacks and just so much going on — but there is always so much sweetness in between.  I am determined to just hold her as much as possible, looking back on both of my big girls, that is the one thing I always just want one more chance to do again.  It’s also soooo much easier to not worry about the small things like crying or schedules when you really do know that everything is just a phase and will change in the blink of an eye.

Little bits about our Remie Rue!  She is the most alert newborn of all three of my girls, and has been from the day she was born four weeks ago.  She makes such good eye contact already and even though I know babies are not supposed to smile until six weeks or older, we are positive that she has been giving us real, social smiles for a couple weeks now.  Those smiles and sweet little baby sounds are just the best ever, I could just stare and listen to her all day long!  She loves baths, music, watching her big sisters, and most of all, being held.  A whole lot.  It’s a good thing I was so determined to keep her close because she won’t have it any other way.  So far, her temperament is laid-back until she isn’t — she definitely lets us know when she isn’t happy and doesn’t keep us guessing. 😉

Her profile reminds me of Avalon and when she is sleeping I see a lot of Waverly, but overall she really has her own look!  Her hair is still dark but is starting to lighten up a bit, her eyes are bright blue, and she has a dark complexion — which is so funny, my friend joked that when I am out with her, I needed extra bronzer so people will believe she is mine!!

Remerie, four weeks in and I already cannot imagine a life without you.  You are truly a dream come true and I pinch myself every single day that you are ours forever.  Happiest one month, my love!

Three weeks into having three kids and I still cannot believe that they are all mine!  So excited to document our girls meeting each other for the first time ever today, I was easily just as excited to meet our newest baby girl as I was for her to meet her big sisters.  It was a moment I thought about for ten months and also one that got me through those last hard weeks of being so overdue.  I can still remember all the sweet details of a tiny Waverly coming to see Avalon for the first time, it was everything and this time around was just as special — if I could relive both moments a thousand times over I would.

Remerie was born in the early afternoon, and I kind of wanted to wait a little while to rest & recuperate before the girls came, but once they knew she had arrived there was exactly 0% chance of that happening.  After talking with them on the phone and hearing their excited little voices, there was no way I wasn’t going to have them come.  My mom, sister & mother-in-law brought them when Remie was just a few hours old and I will never forget their happy (& nervous!) faces coming through the door and seeing their baby sister for the first time.

A trio of sisters, I hope they always know how very lucky they are to have each other for life.

At this point, sweet girl actually had no name — we didn’t end up naming her until the following day when she was right at 24 hours old!  Long story short, we went back & forth on names fooooorever throughout my pregnancy, we struggled to agree on one and to find one that we thought flowed with the other girls names.  We found one that we both really loved and agreed on it around 30 weeks, but for whatever reason I still kept thinking of other names.  Remington was our boy name even before Avalon, Remie for short, and my husband still loved it for a girl (he would call her Remie!) — and even though I loved Remie and kept coming back to it, I just didn’t love Remington for our daughter since I had always pictured it for a boy.  And then one night, literally in the middle of the night when I was SEVEN DAYS OVERDUE and too uncomfortable to sleep, I was searching online and found the name Remerie, a surname & city in France.  And loved it.

I had already ordered a name banner and an initial pillow in her other name, but the next morning I messaged the shop to see if I could get a second possibly by the time she was born, and my husband & I decided to wait to meet her and then decide between the two names.  I knew the minute I saw her that she was our Remerie, it took us some time to officially agree, but by the time we did ironically my mom had run to our house and her “Remie” name banner had arrived the day she was born.

Our Remie Rue, it was meant to be all along!  So funny to think that if she had been born on time that she would have a different name, but now I could never, ever imagine her anything else.  To our three sweet girls, we are forever thankful for each & every one of you!!!!!!!!

Happiest OCTOBER, stopping in today to share a list of activities we hope to check off the list over the next few weeks!  Last year’s can be found here, this time around our expectations are not so high with a newborn in tow, but we are so excited to bring Remerie along for all the fun.  Both Waverly & Avalon were born in the summer and middle of the heat, so I am already loving having a tiny babe this time of year!  Strolling her around for walks around the neighborhood in the cooler weather has just been the best, such a welcome change from walking around overdue and with a huge belly in the heat just a month ago.

Pumpkin carving party with friends.

Decorate our downstairs with lots of bats and pumpkins.

Smores and a bonfire in the yard.

Read all our favorite Halloween & Fall books.

Go on a family hike.

Make treats for our new neighbors, pumpkin bread and chocolate-covered pretzels.

Annual pumpkin patch trip, one of my favorite activities of the year!

Fall festivals at both Waverly & Avalon’s schools.

And of course we couldn’t kick off the new month without some festive jams, Remie couldn’t fit in a pair quite yet but you know I am getting all kinds of excited for matching the three of them soon!

Wishing you the best October ahead! XO