It’s hard to believe that are already this far into 2021, but Father’s Day is right around the corner + we always look forward to celebrating the men in our life each year!!  My husband deserves all the things, he lives with four girls and all of our craziness each day, he hardly ever complains about what a handful we can all be and is just the best girl dad ever.  This year we teamed up with Vanilla Gift Cards to gift him something just as special as he is, a gift card so he can shop for whatever he wants (something he NEVER does!).

We loved the design so much, we decided to put in a festive basket with some of his other favorite things and cannot wait to give it to him soon!!

Vanilla Gift Cards are such a great gift for anyone in your life, who doesn’t love a fun gift card?!  Extra points for all the fun designs they have, the girls had a hard time choosing which one was their favorite!!  For more information, follow them on their Instagram here.  And HAPPY early Father’s Day to all the men in your life, we couldn’t do it without them! XO

This post was sponsored by Vanilla Gift Cards but all thoughts + opinions are my own.

And just like that, another birthday season kicks off our way — always first is sweet Avalon Elle who will be SIX this Sunday!  She is one of the younger ones in her class so I feel like she has been waiting all school year for this, she will have a few little girlfriends over tomorrow for a playdate + then our family over Sunday morning for brunch, golden themed because it’s her golden birthday (6 on the 6th!).

A few things about an almost six-year old Avi girl I never want to forget.

1 — Her two current favorite things are unicorns + rainbows.  This is still so funny to me because when she was younger she was our tomboy, she now is pretty much the girliest girl in all the land, and 110% when you ask her what her favorite color is, it’s “rainbow”.

2 — She is our sweet eater, forever + ever.  Loves cupcakes, donuts, popsicles, nutella — pretty much anything that’s sweet.  She will also happily snack all day but could care less about a regular meal, one day we will get there. 😉

3 — Being cozy is her favorite.  We got her a fuzzy blanket for Christmas that she sleeps with every night and she still sleeps with the same little mouse that she has had since she was one.  She was never a napper but will sleep in the latest of all three of my girls, I love this about her.

4 — She loves to read!  And is such a good reader.  Kindergarten has done wonders for her (once we got past that virtual part) and she has learned SO much this year!  She also used to be our shy sister but being full-time at school has completely changed that.

5 — She LOVES having sisters, she looks up to Waverly so much + is the sweetest big sister to Remie.  I know people say that the middle kid will often get left out but it’s just the opposite with her, she always has a playmate and always makes sure everyone feels included.

Some favorite photos from the past year, she still has the curliest blonde hair (like her daddy did) and the most contagious smile.

Happy almost six sweet Avalon, we can’t wait to celebrate you all weekend long!

It’s been a couple weeks now, but I don’t want to let too much time pass before sharing some photos of this year’s spring break — it was such a good one!!  We surprised our girls with a little mini vacay with their cousins to Williamsburg, we had planned to tell them Easter morning as a gift from us, but then Waverly overheard us talking about it which of course turned into her telling Avalon … so the surprise didn’t end up being a surprise at all.  Either way, they were SO excited!  Williamsburg is all of 45 minutes away from our house + definitely not the most glamorous spring break location ever, but we have learned over time that we don’t need to plan an over the top getwaway or spend a ton of money to make memories or special moments for them.  Also, we are still very much in a crazy season of life, so the less travel time, definitely the better.

We did a day of exploring in Williamsburg + then spent the next day at Busch Gardens, this was the perfect amount of time and we came home equally happy and exhausted.  We spent the rest of the week outside in the most beautiful weather, I will say it forever, parenting when it’s nice outside is SO much easier and I am welcoming these warm days with very open arms.

We are in the final stretch of school before summer, with such a weird year it doesn’t feel like school should be ending quite so quickly and I honestly think my big girls may be sad this time around.  We have lots of fun planned for summer though, some camps, our neighborhood pool, and of course it’s birthday season our way so we have a lot to look forward to! 🙂 Happy spring to you! XO

Sharing some photos + memories from Easter Sunday which was somehow an entire week and a half ago now, time is flying!  We really did it big this year after having to cancel most everything last year because of Covid, by the time we got to the actual holiday I think the girls had egg hunted probably five times.  I was a little nervous that Waverly would be getting over it now that she is almost 9, but she loved it as much as ever and was still excited for one last Easter egg hunt in 2021 on Sunday morning with her sisters.  The girls loved their baskets (Remie’s favorite part was a new book, ALWAYS!) — and the sweetest surprise from my parents, Easter donuts delivered by Door Dash that morning. 🙂

We were able to see both sides of our family and even my grandparents got to come over since they recently got vaccinated.  The little things are extra special these days, which we have learned over the past year, is one of the silver linings of a pandemic.

The morning after, we headed out to a little vacay for spring break, I will share some photos soon!!  It was the best holiday + break and now we are back to reality, counting down to summer!

We hope you had the very best Easter with your families!!!  XO

Aaah, just a few more hours + spring break officially kicks off for all four of us girls and we CANNOT WAIT!!  It has been so good to get back to in-person school (and some kind of routine) for the past couple of months, but a break this time of year is always good for the soul.  We are so excited to celebrate Easter at home with our families this weekend and then have a small trip planned early next week!  We haven’t told the girls that we are going anywhere yet, we will surprise them Easter morning when we give them their Easter baskets + goodies.

We hosted a fun little Easter Egg hunt at our house over the weekend, this is one of our favorite traditions and we were so happy to bring it back this year after not being able to do it last time around because of Covid.  We had to up our game a bit since Waverly is getting older, we did one giant golden egg with cash, and Avalon Elle ended up being the winner!  She was so dang cute when she found it, so very proud of herself.  Also pictured, a few other Easter photos of the girls from the past couple of weeks, Easter bunny ears + baskets foreverrrrr.  I love this time of year so much!!!

Wishing you the happiest Easter with all the good memories (and warm weather!!).  XO