Like many other families with school age babes, we are rounding the corner in just a couple months on one year of on + off virtual learning and it has been a JOURNEY.  Each day we try to get up and just do the best we can, and also are the first to admit that the day we all get to go back to school will be a very good one! 🙂

My motto is to work smarter not harder, always, but especially in this situation with my two big girls on a computer all day, me working full-time, and of course a tiny toddler.  We were first introduced to Vooks a couple years ago (and loved it then!) but it has taken on new meaning during this time.  Vooks is a streaming library of animated read-aloud books, there is an entire library of options and so many that my girls get excited to read!  Both Waverly + Avalon can navigate it on their own, this gives us an option to get their reading time in even when I am working or with their little sister.  There are also resources to help supplement their reading, creative lesson plans and fun activities for holidays or other special occasions.  Such a gift for mamas!

Vooks is currently offering a free month subscription, no purchase necassary!!!  The perfect time to try it.  If you do, both my girls love the Grace for President book, we highly recomend!  Happy reading + happy Thursday friends, sending our love to you during this crazy time of learning! XO

This post was sponsored but all thoughts + opinions are my own.

We kicked off 2021 last weekend with a cousin trip to Wintergreen, this was one of my girls surprises on Christmas morning + they were soooo excited to get a weekend with their cousins and to see snow for the first time in forever.  Snow is hit or miss in VB and it has been three years since we have had a big snowfall (the last time was when Remie Rue was in my belly), so we were extra happy for her to get to see snow for the first time!

The big girls were able to go tubing + Avalon got to finally do the snow angel she had been waiting months for, this was a big dream of hers since we read about book about Peppa Pig making one – the sweetest!  Scroll to the third picture to see what Remie Rue thought of the snow 😉 nooot a fan at all day one, but luckily she came around on day two.

And now that we have seen snow, are over winter + counting down to SPRING.  Wishing you a happy weekend!  XO

A new year!!  Always such a refreshing time, and this year it definitely takes on new meaning after one of the weirdest years ever.  My girls never want to miss celebrating a holiday, just like mama, and we had the sweetest low-key New Years Eve at home, a dinner with fancy plates + sparkling apple juice with our annual funfetti cake for dinner.

2020 was unexpected and hard in so many ways, but also a really good year for our family (I realize we are lucky in this and send love to those who are still facing challenges because of the pandemic).  We were able to spend so much time as a family of five, at home, time we never would have had with two full-time working parents + I cherished it so much.  It wasn’t perfect or easy, but it brought our girls closer than ever and we are a stronger family because of it!  We had time to dedicate to a lot of house projects we had been wanting to check off and love our home (and neighborhood) more than ever.  And my husband is loving his job and I am so proud of him for how hard he works for all of us girls. 🙂

Also a huuuuuge highlight of the year for me, after five years of working my way back to a high school position, I got a job at the high school right outside of our neighborhood, the school that our girls will go one day — this was a complete dream come true for me + honestly five months in and I still can’t believe it actually happened.  I will never forget the day that they called and officially offered me the job, all three of my girls dancing outside in the rain with me, they knew how badly I wanted this and how hard I had worked for it.  I hope they always remember that some of life’s biggest lessons come from difficult times, waiting for a new job the last couple of years got so very hard, but also came with some of my biggest personal growth ever.

We are heading into 2021 with not a lot of specific plans or goals, other than my usual reminder to myself to slow down (something I am always working on because, type A).  This just doesn’t feel like the year for huge laid out plans with so much uncertainty still and I am honestly good with that.  I am hopeful + excited for the year ahead, and wish the same for you.

Happy New Year, friends! Hope it’s off to the best start! XO

Happy 2021!  We are slowly preparing to get back into the pace of normal life after a very low-key + relaxing holiday at home, it’s been a much needed break from screens and busy school schedules after the last couple months of virtual learning.  Sharing some favorite photos of our Christmas today — the girls on Christmas Eve in jammies (which they wore ALL day long!!), a couple images from Christmas morning (it was super dark + rainy so I didn’t get many, but it was the sweetest morning), our Christmas dinner candle holder my husband made me (I looooooove it and can’t wait to use it all year long!), and a quick family photo we managed to get in on a very cold Christmas Day.

This was not my favorite Christmas ever, I really missed being at my grandparents on Christmas Eve, a tradition for as long as I can remember, and dang Corona just seemed to make everything harder this holiday season — especially planning for gifts and get togethers and making it all happen.  I honestly felt a little overwhelmed by the time the actual day came around!  But we are all about those silver linings + obviously we have a lot of those.  Our sweet girls had the best time (Avalon screamed “Best Christmas Ever” repeatedly) and I am so very aware that these magical holidays with little people are numbered.  I never want to forget the sound of their little feet running down our stairs Christmas morning + I will never take it for granted, I will forever say it, these are the days!!

Sending you our love as we kick off a new year with all the good things in store! XO

This is my third December to Remember post but very my first in a pandemic and without a doubt, this will be a December we ALWAYS remember.  We take the girls to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa every year (a tradition since Waverly was a baby, 8 years + counting), and when we look at this year’s photo of Santa behind the plexi glass wearing a mask, it really is such a reality check on what a crazy time we are living in.  Either way, we are so thankful that we were able to make most of our favorite traditions still happen this month — our girls have reminded us all 2020 how resilient kids really are and honestly haven’t noticed much being different than any other year.

Some things I want to remember from December 2020:

We are still going strong on the elf on the shelf + even though it can be a pain, it brings so much joy to my girls and I am going to miss our elves in the new year!  We added a pink little girl + she’s too cute, also I have to give credit to my husband who does 85% of the elf work since he stays up way later than me most nights.

This was the first year that Remie Rue really starting understanding Santa and all the fun of Christmas and it is the beeeest, just like it was with her big sisters.  She loves looking at the ornaments on the tree and finding the elves each morning, and even though I have to hide every single wrapped present in the house because she would break into all of them — I forgive her because she is just the most precious little Christmas angel. 🙂

A new tradition this year, we have been picking a different neighborhood each night to drive through + look at all the lights!  This has been so much fun and the best way to overcome the witching hour (which is still totally a thing with eight year olds).

Waverly + Avalon still had their holiday dance recitals but since we couldn’t do them in person, we had them on Zoom which meant all of our family got to join in!  Waverly lives for moments like this, she is doing pre-company this year and was so excited to be in the spotlight and for everyone to watch her.  Remie got so excited to watch them on the screen, I can’t wait until she is able to join in with them, too.

The girls wish lists this year!!  Waverly is so easy to shop for and so predictable, books + LOLs + dance leos, Avalon asked for a reindeer statue (my heart!!!) and a new bike, and Remie Rue is getting puzzles and her own dollhouse for her room.  I don’t know that I have ever been as excited for a Christmas morning, maybe because they all three understand more now or because it’s 2020 and we need it more than ever?!  Either way, I am SO EXCITED.

Sending love + wishing you all the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  XO