Our Remie girl is FIVE MONTHS, one month away from her half-birthday and she’s just as cute as ever!  Her blue eyes are definitely here to stay (all three of our girls have them!) — and it seems her olive skin + darker hair is also, which is still so crazy to us.  I cannot even take her sweet little face and could stare at her all day long.

She has had all the milestones this month!!!  She is babbling, laughing, reaching for everything, and can roll back + forth both ways.  She is suuuper close to sitting up on her own, and even though I don’t want to rush anything (especially with baby number three), I am excited for her to be able to because she is over laying down.  She likes to be up and able to see everything to be right in the mix, being close to her big sisters makes her the happiest.  Some of her other current favorite things: bath time, her feet, being held, and by far her favorite, sucking on her two fingers.  She reaches for them immediately when she is upset + it almost always calms her down.

She is the first of our babies who likes rice cereal, she is actually ALL ABOUT IT.  She will reach for the spoon and makes little noises that she wants more, it’s crazy how much she can eat at one time!  She is still exclusively on my breastmilk, though this time around has been the hardest to keep up with.  She gets impatient when my milk doesn’t let down fast enough, so unless it is the middle of the night or morning when I am super full, she refuses and would rather take a bottle.  I am pumping around the clock to keep up with the demand, which is honestly physically + mentally exhausting, but we are making it work and it is important to me to push through it.  I’m hoping that adding fruits + veggies over the next few weeks will help, and also reminding myself that moms are rock stars and that my body can do it!!!  I exclusively breastfed both big girls until their first birthday and hoping that will be the case for Remerie.

I remember thinking that she was the most active of all our babies in my belly, and that is all making sense now.  She is a mover, always grabbing things + kicking her feet, never really still.  She can go all day without too much rest, happy as can be, + then around 6pm is over it and snuggles in with her two tiny fingers to sleep all night long.  It’s funny because I have always heard stories that my husband was just like that as a baby + we think she looks so much like his baby pictures, too.

HAPPY FIVE MONTHS Remerie Rue, thank you for being ours.

PS — My blogging has been updated a ton since then, but a look at Waverly + Avalon‘s five month updates.  I have loved being able to look back and see the similarities/differences in our girls, I hope they will love them one day just as much!


January felt approximately 4976 days long, I hardly ever wish for time to speed up, but I am definitely not mad about the fresh start that this new month brings, especially since it has a fun holiday + brings us one month closer to school being out and SUMMER!!!  Before we move on though, I wanted to share some fun photos from our January, along with a few of our favorite memories!

We took the girls ice skating, Waverly has been a few times but this was Avalon’s first time and she loved it!  The girls personalities are very different, Waverly is a perfectionist and gets frustrated (angry) if she doesn’t get something the first try, and Avalon really could care less.  They were both super cute though, I am loving this as a yearly tradition over our holiday break!

Remerie’s first time with her little toes in the sand — SWEETEST thing ever!!!!   She is still so little but strong, and can stand with the big girls holding her hands now, they love to do this and fight over her all the time!  I am also loving mornings with her, Waverly + Avalon jump in the crib with her and get the biggest, sweetest smiles.  It is definitely her favorite time of the day.

If you have followed along long enough, you know we started celebrating half-birthdays when Waverly was just six months old.  Avalon was halfway to FOUR at the beginning of December + Waverly halfway to SEVEN (SO CRAZY!) over the weekend, so we did a cake and sang and even though it was completely last-minute, it was fun to celebrate them.

We look out the window every morning hoping for snow, it’s been cold enough here but nothing yet which is of course, because I actually have snow gear for everyone for the first year ever. Hoping something comes our way soon, we always love just one snowfall a year and I would especially love to dress Remie up as a little snowbunny for her first winter!

Farewell to the first month of 2019 and HELLO FEBRUARY!  XO

We chose not to do family photos for Christmas this year since we had just taken some for Remerie’s newborn shoot, but did do some with my entire family over holiday break and I am so happy we did!  It was the most into photos the girls have ever been, probably because they are obsessed with Remie and love to do anything with her, and also because we had all my family there to get them to smile!  Still cannot believe that we are a family of five, it feels like just yesterday that Waverly was Remerie’s size and we were brand new parents.

That last photo is my very favorite, all eleven members of my side of the family in one frame!!  My brother + sister-in-law had just flown in from Colorado earlier that day, and literally just met Remie for the first time minutes before this photo was taken. We may not all live in the same area code anymore but we are as close as ever and I always feel like the luckiest to have each + every one of them.

Photos by: Raygan Cox Photography; Girls Boots are linked here, they are one of my favorites!!!

You know we are always looking towards the next holiday around here, Valentines Day is just under a month away and we have already pulled out all the pink, red + heart-shaped things!  I always get excited to help the girls make Valentines for their little friends, to bake cookies + make our favorite chocolate-covered pretzels, and to host a fun little Valentines playdate at our house (which we skipped last year due to the first trimester and moving, but are excited to bring back!).  I feel like some holidays we are still trying to find our groove and pick traditions that work with little ones, but this is one that we have figured out and LOVE!

Of course with each holiday we always like to get new books, so I wanted to share some of the books currently on our shelf!  These are adorable and I would recommend them all, with the disclaimer that Avalon refuses to read any of them because she will only read the same dang book EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  So hopefully someone will get use out of them, even if it’s not us. 😉

Happy shopping + happy halfway through the week!! XO

Remerie Rue is four months old, at this time last year we had just found out we were expecting and now here she is, healthy + adorable + as sweet as ever.

This month has been so much fun, with all the magic of her first Christmas and also just getting to see her personality more.  She has found her voice and uses it all the time (the cutest little screeching noise) + also her legs, she kicks them so fast when she is super excited!  She is always sucking her two fingers, it is SO ADORABLE and definitely one of my favorite things about her.

She continues to be really laid-back and thankfully doesn’t blink an eye when she has two sisters constantly in her face, wanting to dance around with her or make her their little baby doll. 🙂 She is definitely recognizing both of them now and it makes my heart the happiest.  They each have different relationships with her, Waverly loves to help dress her and likes to call her “her baby”, and Avalon talks to her in this high-pitched voice and is always wanting to look at the monitor in the morning to see if she is awake yet.  I hope they always all love each other as much as they do now.

She sleeps great at night (!!!) but naps are pretty non-consistent or reliable, which can be hard when the big girls want to do all the things and she is tired.  She is still breastfeeding (!!!), but we have hit some struggles with that + I have had to work really hard this time around to get my supply back up.  And most days I wish there were more hours to soak all her goodness in some more, because obviously she doesn’t get near the one-on-one attention that her big sisters did.  So it’s just like motherhood, there are the highest highs and some hard moments, but there is never a second I would change any of it.

Remerie Rue, you are such a dream and we love, love LOVE you so!!!  Happy four months sweetest girl.