Today is the LAST DAY of school for me & the big girls, we are soooooo excited to celebrate our favorite holiday in just a few days and to have some much-needed time off for winter break.  This month has flown by —  our first December with three kids and also Remie is the youngest baby we have ever had during the holidays — it has been a mix of the sweetness that comes with a tiny babe during this magical season, all the festive fun with a three & six year old, and ALL.the.chaos that comes with it all!  I shared this post last year right before Christmas (so crazy to think that Remerie was a tiny little seed in my belly at that time and we had NO IDEA!), and wanted to do one this year as well.  So many favorite memories from this month that I want to hang on forever …

All three girls sitting on Santa’s lap for our annual trip to Bass Pro.  This was the first year since Waverly was one that we didn’t have one crying, even though Avalon was close, she was the sweetest holding Remie’s hand the entire time.

The girls holiday dance performances, the first year with Avalon in dance just like her older sister and she did so good!  For so long she said she didn’t want to dance and now loves it so much, they are in separate classes & rooms but it is so sweet to watch Waverly help her and for her to do her own thing too.

Our favorite Christmastown tradition, which started when Waverly was just five months and we haven’t missed a year since.  This year was a reality check of how old Waverly is, she just wanted to ride the rides the entire time.  Meanwhile Avalon just wanted to wave at Santa & the Sesame Street Characters and Remerie had the biggest blowout of all time.

Our everyday moments at home, hanging by the sparkly lights of the tree while the girls took ornaments on & off no less than one million times and danced to all our favorite Christmas songs.  Waverly wrapping presents (our household items) for random people, Avalon forever checking-in on the elf, and Remie just being cute as can be.

I hope they grow to always love this season (and each other) as much as they do now.

Wishing you & yours the HAPPIEST holiday!  XO

It is LESS THAN ONE WEEK until Christmas Day, six more sleeps until our little girls are running downstairs to see if Santa came and I cannot wait.  Before the big day comes & goes I wanted to share some pictures of our annual trip to pick out our tree, always one of my favorite outings of the year!  It’s no secret that I love to photograph the heck out of the girls on days like these, I always like to take pictures of them but especially when they are dressed all festive and doing one of our favorite traditions — I feel like it’s just my right as a mom. 🙂

The pictures came out super cute and I love them, but I also want to always remember the behind the scenes too.  That my husband really did not want to buy our tree there at all (he was hoping to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work and pick one up, where they were way cheaper), but he did because he knew how important it was to me.  That the big girls were exhausted and whiny because they stayed up too late the night before sleeping over at the grandparents, getting them ready was PAINFUL — but that they came out of it quickly after a lady gave them a couple of jingle bell necklaces and ended up having the best time ever.  And that little Remie Rue, on her very first Christmas, was just as sweet as can be taking every little part of it in (until she wasn’t & started screaming, so I carried her to the car to breastfeed her in the drivers seat of my mini van, still cannot believe that I have one).

I was exhausted afterwards and am exhausted a lot lately, but also so incredibly grateful for these three little loves.  These are the days, the very best days.

Their muddy boots, one of my favorite parts!!!!  Happy one week until Christmas! XO

Our Remie Rue turned THREE MONTHS Monday, I have been thinking so much about the day she was born since — it seems like it was two minutes ago & absolutely forever ago all at the same time.

And look at her sweet face!!!!!  I could eat her.

Three months is definitely the sweet spot for Miss Remerie.  She has grown out of her reflux (!!!) which we found out when she got RSV last month and I stopped a couple doses and she showed none of the signs she had before.  She is also just more laid-back in general, she will sit in the bumbo or lay with toys in front of her completely content forever (or until one of her big sisters comes running over to pick her up) and is just the happiest little lady, always smiling. Even when gets upset, she is the first of my babies to be able to soothe herself this early, she will either suck her thumb or her two fingers and can even put herself to sleep this way.  Overall she is completely living up to the whole “third baby being the easiest” thing (for now) and I am thankful for that.

We moved her to her room the week before I went back to work, and even though that was sad for me, I think it was the best thing for all of us.  She is sleeping way better now, and obviously so are we, and it also has brought a sense of normalcy and routine back that you just don’t have in those first couple of months.  The hour of quiet time at night after all three girls are asleep is also good for my soul, I just need it to recharge for the next day.  I have so much respect for those who co-sleep and it works for them, but it just isn’t for me and I am completely fine admitting that. 😉

Remie rolled over for the first time about a week ago (from her back to her belly!) and has done it sooooo many times since.  She is so strong for such a little thing!  She is SO CLOSE to laughing and I am pretty sure when she finally does, it will be either Waverly or Avalon who makes it happen because they always get the biggest smiles.  She is still in some newborn clothes but mostly 0-3, and wears a lot of hand-me-downs from the big girls, which is always so special to see.  She loves bath time and to nurse, she is taking a bottle pretty well while I am at work but most definitely prefers to breastfeed and it’s one of my favorite parts of the day also.

She is just such a dream and even though being outnumbered is definitely crazy, life with her in it is just so much better than before and I could never imagine it any other way.

We LOVE you, sweet Remie Rue — here’s to 12 beautiful weeks & soooooo many more ahead!  XO

PS – Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much I LOVE itty bitty tights for my first fall newborn, she seriously lives in them.  They are sooo much easier than socks which fall off all the time, I get all of hers from Little Light Feet and they are the best quality EVER!

It’s the most wooooonderful time of the year!!!!  Christmas is my favorite holiday (with the Fourth a close second, especially since I am a teacher & off during that time) — but there is just nothing quite like the pure magic in the air during the month of December.  We also found out we were pregnant with our sweet Remerie last Christmas day, so I think it will always hold an extra special place in my heart forever.

Seven days into December and I feel like we have already been so busy with all the (best!) things.  We went & picked out our tree, decorated gingerbread houses, visited Santa, hung holiday lights and have picked names for our Secret Santas with family.  Our elf also showed up December first and brought the girls breakfast, they LOVED it and were so excited about her.  This is one those things I know I will desperately miss when they are older, watching them whole heartedly believe in an elf or Santa (also the tooth fairy who came again over the weekend!) — it is just the best and one of my favorite things about being a parent.

Sharing some things we want to get into over the next few weeks before the big day hits, while also keeping it a little lighter than usual to give myself some grace in our first holiday season as a family of five!

1 — Bake cookies and deliver to family.

2 — Parents-only date for stocking stuffers & last-minute holiday gifts for the girls.

3 — Make chocolate-covered pretzels and drive around to look at lights while we eat them.

4 — Hot chocolate and holiday movie night.

5 — Christmastown, one of our very favorite traditions every year.

6 — Take donations to an animal shelter in honor of our sweet dog Bogger, who we had to put to sleep last December.

Number six just gives me all the feels, I know the girls will love this so much and I hope we can make it a new tradition in honor of him each year.  Hoping you are having the best start to December your way! XO

This post is in partnership with Minted, but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Tis’ the season for Christmas cards, and in our family, baby announcements!!!  A couple days after we did Remie’s newborn and family of five photos, our sweet friend Shawna came back by to get a few photos of just Remie for a newborn announcement.  They capture some of my very favorite things about her, her bright blue eyes, expressive eyebrows, and curled little lips (she always sticks the bottom one out!).  And also her yawns, which are getting fewer & more far between now, but are forever one of my faaaavorite things about tiny little newborns.

Three kids in and I know more than ever, these babies change all too fast and I forever am thankful to have these sweet moments saved forever!

You know my love for cards runs deep, and so does my love for Minted!  We work with them on our holiday cards each year and I was so excited to create Remerie’s special card with them as well.  I went with a traditional card with the prettiest cursive writing, highlighting her sweet name that we spent nine months deciding on and that I love so much!!!  The cards have been sent out to friends & family across the country, and one very special one is glued at the front of her baby book — I hope she loves to look at it one day as much as we do!

Minted is my go-to for cards, their paper & printing is always the highest quality and every single time I have ordered from them, I ended up loving the card so much more in person than I even did online!  I always save the cards each year and then love looking back at them (especially with the older girls, they love to look at photos when they were little!) — and they hold up so well year to year.  There are so many fun designs to choose from, and all are creative and innovative, but also still so classic!  I have also ordered some pieces for our home from Minted, including some art and kids decor and I still am so obsessed with it.  Truly the gift that keeps giving! 🙂

If you still need to order your holiday cards, there are SO MANY good options to choose from this year and all of them can be found here.  And of course the biggest thanks to our friends at Minted for teaming up with us on this to introduce our sweet Remerie Rue! XO