Happy to report that we survived the back to school hustle over here, we are now almost 4 weeks into the 2022 school year + settling into a bit of a routine!  Our three big girls are in FIFTH, second and Pre-K this year — hard to believe that Waverly Maye will somehow head to middle school the next time a new school year rolls around, I am truly soaking in these last super sweet elementary school days with her.

A few things I always want to rememeber about this school year.  Half our girls are at one school and the other half at another, of course Waverly + Avalon are together (always so dang cute!) and now, Remie + Delilah get to be together also!  We switched Remie to a new preschool this year because it offers an infant program for baby sis, it was so bittersweet to leave a school we loved and I was pretty worried about it, but it has worked out so well.  Remie loves her new school and looooooves that Delilah is in the same place as her.   I am working part-time this year so I am able to drop them off on the way and come back in the afternoon to get them, it’s always one of the best parts of my day.

Waverly is such an active fifth grader, I am so proud of her and love how much she loves school.  Avalon is the cutest little second grader and loves seeing all her girlfriends each day, both of them (and Remie Rue!) are still doing dance and look forward to it each week.

Some photos from the first week of school. 🙂

Happy almost October and FALL!!!!!  Love this time of year so much! XO

Aaah, our sweet Remie Rue is FOUR!  She is the last of all our girls to have her special day during our “birthday season” + she has waited so patiently for her special day, I looooved celebrating her this weekend so very much.  She requested a baby doll party, she has always loved baby dolls but loves them even more now that Delilah is here.  A true little mama, she loves changing + feeding her dolls, just like I do with her baby sis.

This has been such a big year for her, becoming a big sister and really growing to become one of the big girls.  She loves to read, to color, and is her daddy’s biggest helper in the addition.  She is a mix of sweet + sassy, always giving someone a hug when they need it most but also definitely lets you know when she’s not happy (she has always been this way!), and used to be a little shy but has mostly grown out of this and will talk anyone’s ear off now 🙂 Definitely a Brickner sister.  This week she started a new preschool for Pre-K and I was so nervous about how she would do, when I came to pick her up she was smiling ear to ear and couldn’t stop telling me about what a fun day she had.

Some photos from the past year, she still looks like her daddy the most and just kills me with her cuteness.  Stay little forever, my girl.

Happy four Remie girl, we love, love, love you!!!!!  So excited to see where this year takes you.

And just like that, there is one more day of summer left, our girls officially start school this Tuesday.  I am the first to admit that I was slightly terrified heading into this summer, Delilah is my fourth summer baby + even though I loooove my summer girls, a newborn in the summer heat is not the easiest.  Especially when that newborn has three older sisters who are used to doing all the things, and when you are in the middle of an home addition to make room for that newborn. 😉

I am happy to report that we survived, and even though managing four kids all very different ages had it’s fair share of difficult moments, it was just as full of sweetness.  My four girls together for the first time, a true dream come true.

We are hoping to finish the addition SOON, and are super excited for all the new energy that the fall brings.  Hope you had the best summer! XO

And just like that, our Waverly Maye is in the DOUBLE digits!!!!  The girl who made me a mama is ten whole years, what a joy the last decade has been with her in it.  The older she gets the less I want to share about her here, but I always love to share favorite photos from the past year on each of the girls birthdays + Waverly of all my girls loves photos (especially of her) the most. 🙂

She is my daughter who reminds me the most of myself, both in looks + personality.  She is organized, a planner, always looking forward to the next thing + is a true performer, one of my favorite things as a mama is getting to watch her on stage.  This year she will start fifth grade, her last year before middle school, it’s so crazy how fast it goes but also just so special getting to watch them grow to what they are meant to be.

We celebrated her with a pool party with some of her dance + school friends this weekend, of course she double-checked a thousand times that I had it organized juuuust right. 😉

Happy TEN Waverly Maye, we looooooove you so!!!! XO

Sharing a few photos from the fourth, it was Delilah’s FIRST holiday, always a big deal for us around here!!  We had a really sweet weekend, lots of trips to the pool and grilling out at home — with a newborn + three other kids we are trying to keep it simple these days but also want to make it a special summer for our girls.  I think we managed just that + know it’s one we will remember forever. 🙂

A shout-out to our beloved neighborhood who always does it big for the Fourth, a parade in the morning followed by a day at the pool with games + tons of good food, and fireworks by one of our neighbors that night.  We are so thankful that our girls get to grow up here.

We hope you are having a happy + fun summer your way!! XO