This “belly blogging” adventure hasn’t turned out to be quite as easy as my first experience as a blogger was.  At first thought, it would seem that attempting to journal daily while planning a wedding would be the bigger challenge of the two.  For those 18 months – I was tasked with finding the time to sit down at my computer in between catering appointments, DJ lists, and endless DIY projects.  Currently, in my new state of mind, sitting down isn’t the problem.  In fact, I don’t know that I have spent this much time sitting in one place since my days as a college student at Radford University.  But with the new recent physical demands that my precious little baby bean have placed on my body … I have found it slightly difficult to use my limited energy to update my blog as often as I previously did.
However, I have personally vowed to myself to make a bigger effort to visit Mrs. BB’s Belly Blog.  I know how much I value having my wedding journey blogged and therefore know how invaluable this written record would be, too.  And this particularly rainy Saturday afternoon seemed like the ideal opportunity to start – especially since I was not jolted out of bed at 5 this morning by the sound of my screeching alarm clock – and therefore have a little extra pep in my step.
So as of now, the update on Baby Brickner is certainly a positive one.  I had my second appointment, which was a success as we heard a strong heartbeat and got a thumbs up from the doctor.  And as previously stated, I still am yet to feel my complete 100% self, which my baby books all say is a good sign.  As time progresses (and my belly does, too) – I find myself getting more and more anxious for July.

In a previous blog entry, I referred to the fact that this is not my first experience in the “blogosphere.”  In fact, throughout the 18 months of planning my 2011 June wedding, I blogged about my experience most days of the week.  Throughout the process, I realized how therapeutic journaling online can be, and since, have been lucky to have a record of my innermost thoughts during the months of 2010-2011.
So as I look forward to what is sure to be another eventful & memorable year ahead, I once again can’t help but to think of a resolution to keep for the months to come.  And because of my blogging history, I was able to look back to my “2011 Resolution” in the Burgundy Bride Book gifted to me by my husband on my wedding day.  According to the entry written on Sat., Jan. 1st … I made a promise to myself to:  Savor each moment & to appreciate all of the things that so many special people in my life are doing to make my day perfect.
And as I look at that now almost exactly one year later, it seems rather fitting to this year ahead as well.  Obviously, it is important to cherish this time with my husband, family, & friends … since it will be the last time I can before my little peanut arrives.  But furthermore, and more importantly, I hope to have a healthy & safe pregancy that I can look back on fondly … one that I was able to thouroughly enjoy. 
Oh yea … not to mention my second resolution:  To get my growing body on the treadmill each day to reduce the amount of fitness/dieting I will need beginning this August. 🙂
Happy New Year!

Anyone who knows me knows what a complete fashion addict I am.  To say that I love fashion would be an understatement … I teach Fashion Marketing to the youth of America each and everyday, the sales associates at over two of the stores in our local mall know me by name & career (and, in fact, gave me a “mini-celebration” the other day when they noticed I was buying merchandise from the maternity collection, and my shoes are categorized & labeled in clear shoe boxes in my walk-in closet, which happens to be one of my favorite places on earth.
So … as you would likely suspect … the idea of an expanding waistline in the months to come is slightly daunting.  Obviously, the end result will be well worth it and the perks (i.e; your favorite foods with less guilt) are an extra bonus.  However, today my due date calender dates me at less than three months pregnant, and I am already out of my favorite skinny jeans and a majority of my slim cut dresses. 
Thankfully, “Santa Claus”/MY MOM! knows me well and got me the ultimate maternity style book for Christmas a few days ago.  And after hiding my head in the book ever since (in an effort to figure out this “style with child” mystery … I have a renewed faith in the months to come. 
TASK ONE – described specifically in chapter one – is to put away all of those too-tiny clothes, which can be taken out again after you give birth to that bundle of joy and are back to your pre-baby body.  So today, I followed directions, and spent the afternoon packing away many of the close friends who have been very good to me over the past few years. 
 Although it sounds like a painful process, as each piece of clothing certainly has its own speical memories, I am confident to reunite with them soon.  They are folded neatly & ready for Mr. BB to carry to the attic when he gets home from work … and in its place is already a few stylish maternity pieces I have happened to pick up the last few weeks. :)

I don’t think there will come a day (no matter how old I get … or for that matter, no matter how many children I have) … that I won’t be the slightest bit sad at the conclusion of Christmas day.  Obviously, the holidays bring with them a considerable amount of work & pressure – buying the perfect gifts for all of those special people in your life (and then some), then wrapping those gifts with just the right wrapping paper and festive bow to match, and keeping up with all of the holiday social gatherings (and in my recent case, while feeling rather bloated, nauseated, and fatigued … without giving away the reason as to why).  But again, even with all of that, the months of November and December remain quite certainly my favorite time of the year and after the last gift is opened and festive dessert is eaten … I always feel nostalgic.
The end of this holiday season, however, makes us that much closer to a new chapter that begins this July.  And as previously posted, my husband and I were able to take advantage of the family gatherings at Christmas to share our own holiday gift that “is in the process of being made.”  
Sharing the news with family and friends (and seeing their surprised & exhilerated reactions) is one of those moments that makes it feel that much more real.  And at the same time … thankful that our baby-to-be will certainly be loved.

Undoubtably, one of the hardest parts since finding out our life-changing news has been keeping it secret.  For one, I have never been one with a talent for keeping information hush-hush.  I can’t help it … I get super anxious, exhilerated, and pretty much feel like I could burst (with even the smallest of news, such as my mom’s upcoming Christmas present from my dad).  So obviously, the news of an upcoming bundle of joy is one that I would pretty much like to shout from the rooftops … or at the very least, post onto facebook much like when I got engaged.
But as I have learned since becoming “with-child”, seeing the positive line after peeing on a stick doesn’t necassarily mean to start alerting the presses.  In fact, most doctors and baby books suggest to “patiently” wait until at least 10 weeks, or even better, the start of the second trimester. 
So in an effort to “play by the rules” … Mr. BB & I have (kind of) done just that. 
We waited a week to tell our good friends (story to come), another week to tell our families (second story to come), and since have only shared our special surprise with a few co-workers/friends here & there.
And as the ten week mark approaches this weekend, we are preparing to bring our joy to some more of our family on the appropriate occastion of Christmas.
I can’t think of a better gift for the season.
Fa-la-la … la-la. 🙂