I am certainly one fortunate girl to be surrounded by many family & friends … ones who have really celebrated some pretty important life moments over the past couple of years.  All of these occasions really become that much more special when they are shared with those people around you.
Last weekend, Little Miss Brickner and I were showered with love at our first of two showers before she arrives in July.  And there definitely wasn’t a shortage of feminity, either.  As every baby shower for a little girl should, there was lots of pink, florals, and some pretty precious outfits for her to adorn soon.
THANK YOU to two of my best friends, Sara & Niki … for hosting the perfect shower and for celebrating this special time with me.  Little Miss Brickner loves you both already and feels lucky to have you, and the rest of the girls, too.


It’s official.  I am one day away from being 3O WEEKS PREGNANT … which in other words, translates into:  In exactly 7 weeks, the baby girl developing in my belly will be fully formed and able to enter the real world.  And then, I will be a real-life mom. 
A mother … someone in this world will have that moniker for ME!
The farther along I get, the more I realize why a full 9 months are a necessary time period for pregnancy (I mean, other than the obvious reasons for baby.)  It takes at least that amount of time to completely grasp the fact that an actual human being will result from all of this.  And actually, I don’t even know that (especially for a first-timer!) the realization hits then.  There have been definite enlightening moments … such as when I walk pass her nursery with the crib lined in pastel pink sheets, the sight of her stroller now placed in the center of my living room, or the constant kicks and jabs that I love to feel now on an hourly basis … but most moments the day, it is such an exhilerating while foreign thought that it’s pretty unbelievable.
So this Sunday marks the first Mother’s Day that I will celebrate with the thought of my own daughter in mind.  Because, really, I already now am a mom … as my daughter just jabbed my right side and reminded me.

I must admit that one of the perks of pregnancy that I looked forward to most was taking a break from my stringent eating habits.  As my husband, friends, family, co-workers, or even students would agree …
PRE-BABY, I rarely let myself indulge in fried foods, full-fat desserts, or even a cheese that didn’t indicate  reduced or low-fat on the wrapper.  So the thought of eating for two and specifically, more “mainstream” for 9 months was certainly a good one.  
*In fact, I am fairly sure that I had dreams of eating Skinny Dip ice cream everyday for the duration of my pregnancy prior to thoughts of future babies had even entered into my head.
Well, my first trimester was a good indication that I may not be in the glory of good food that I once thought.  Some of my favorites, including Mexican and late-night ice cream with a side of cool whip … suddenly made me feel more nauseaus than anything.  And while I was pretty much starving everyday, all day … there were very few foods, healthy or not, that looked even the slightest bit appealing.  Plain, pretty much tasteless carbohydrates (perhaps a sign of my baby girl to be?) were the only thing I could get down.      
Now that I have entered my third trimester and am nearing the end of this new and foreign experience, (and beginning a another one!), a lot of my feelings of sickness have (thankfully) subsided.  I even can occasionally stomache some cool whip … which three months ago, would have been unheard of.  Yet still, many of the foods that I had been looking forward to are definitely not at all tempting, and furthermore, my love of Mexican has still not returned.  And those crazy, pregnancy cravings you always hear about?  I haven’t really been a victim, with the exception of a daily bowl of Cheerios since month 2.  
SO … no, my husband has not been awoken at 2 AM while I beg for pickles and ice cream.  Something tells me he is thankful. 

It’s official.  I have welcomed the third trimester with open arms and can hardly believe we are that much closer to meeting our precious baby girl.
And yes, she still is a girl. 
 (I know … it was confirmed two weeks ago but you know those stories in which the ultrasound technician gets it wrong, throwing the future parents into a complete whirlwind because of an incorrect wardrobe and color palette in the nursery.)
So that second confirmation came yesterday morning, at our second ultrasound and second sneak peek at our little lady.  She is now 2.5 pounds, with 2 inch feet, and some pretty adorable fingers, eyelashes, ears, and cheeks.  I fully admit that I am biased, and am so obsessed with her photo that I peek down at my phone every hour or so to catch yet another glimpse … as her image appears on my screensaver, of course.

I would certainly say that I am one of “those” girls who has dreamed about her life from the moment she was a little girl.  You know … the dream wedding (which, thanks to my parents, I did have!), the two-story home with the fence surrounding it, and of course, the kids and perhaps a dog to go along with it.  So needless to say, I have pondered the thought of my children’s names a time or two.
I am fairly sure that on a previous blog – I admitted to my high school strategic plan to have twin girls who I would name Whitney & Britney.  Well obviously, times have changed and I clearly have moved passed that idea … and I promise that I would never impart that bad fortune onto any genetic blood of my own.
(And even if I was crazy enough to want to, my husband would never let me.)
  So now that any names I have previously believed to be worthy are crossed off the list – I am left with the task of finding the perfect moniker for my first child, a daughter.  One that will take her from birth to an adult woman, and be “impeccably-fitting” all the way through.  I will admit that I was once thought that this task was going to be an easy one – but in the last few weeks it has proven to be quite the opposite.  
Mr. BB & I both would love a name that is different without being too different, girly without being too girly, and one that obviously flows well with our last name.  It has been quite the task.  Thus, our name game continues.  Three months left until we must have that perfect name for that bundle of joy we currently, and  fondly, refer to as Little Miss Brickner.