Age:  Four months.

Height:  (Chalkboard is wrong!) … 23 1/2 inches, 5th Percentile

Weight:  (Wrong again!) … 12.11 lbs., 30th Percentile

Milestones:  SO many this month.  I seriously feel like Waverly hits a new milestone every day.  Her smiles have become bigger and brighter than ever, and have gradually turned into laughs (that make my heart melt each time).  She continues to squeal,  but even louder!  She gets so excited when her daddy gets home from work that it almost sounds like she is shrieking from joy!  Waverly is now really into her toys.  She grabbed her first toy, her Sophie, and also likes any toy with music.  Her favorite of the baby gear is definitely her Jumparoo, as it is the first apparatus that she will sit in longer than 15 minutes (She does still love to be held!).  But in her defense, she does much better in her car seat now and has even kept herself happy in it while Mommy drives on several occasions. And she has also been known to ride in that nice Uppababy stroller on a few separate trips to the mall.

Sleep:  Waverly Maye is still our good sleeper.  Although naps are still not scheduled during the day, she continues to go to bed without a bit of a fight each night.  She only wakes once a night, and is now up for a shorter amount of time before she goes back down in the swing.  Yes, I admit it.  She still sleeps in the swing next to our bed … Although I have every intention of transitioning her to her crib soon.  Really, I even ordered a new monitor to help ME adjust. The goal is for her to be in the crib by her 5 month report.  During the day, it is definitely harder to get Waverly to sleep (I don’t think she wants to miss anything – she is quite the social butterfly).  She likes to be held while she naps and we likevto hold her, so this has pretty much been her routine.  I will sometimes hold her in the carrier while she sleeps.  We are going to try to be better about this, too!  We just love being around her so much!

Eating:  Waverly has no problems breastfeeding, and our breastfeeding dates on the recliner remain one of my favorite times of the day.  She has gotten faster during the day and the middle of the night feeding, but we still have our “cuddle” feeding each night before she goes to bed.  She is definitely way better at taking the bottle, but knows just how she likes it.  It has to be the perfect temperature, and after about two hours after her last feeding.

Favorite Moments:  I am pretty sure I said this last month, but each day continues to get better and better. It is so rewarding to watch her grow, become more interested in her surroundings, and to learn how to do new things.  I am still amazed each time she grabs onto a toy, even though she has been able to for a couple of weeks now.  I love, love her smile and how it is turning into a screeching laugh!  She is cuter each day!

Worst Moments:  I can’t think of anything negative, except having to leave her every morning for work.  I miss her like crazy each day, and hate missing special moments … But feel lucky to be home by three everyday.

Extra Comments:  The holidays are right around the corner, and with Waverly Maye, I am definitely looking forward to them more than ever.  I know she won’t understand or remember them this year, but I will obviously take lots of pictures to share with her one day.  And for my husband and I, this special time of year that we have always enjoyed will be that much more special … and definitely has a new meaning. Can’t wait.

And we have a little lady.  And she is full of laughter.

Today is somewhat of a sentimental day in our house.  It was on this Tuesday, one year ago, that my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby.  I still remember this start to our journey well.  I had been on a vacation with my parents, and hadn’t been feeling quite right. I just had a feeling (one that made me cautiously excited), so I returned home late that night to take a pregnancy test all on my own.  After seeing the two lines almost immediately, I paced the house while waiting to share the news with my other half.  While we were both overjoyed at this life-altering news, I don’t think either of us really believed it or realized the magnitude of all that was to come.  We weren’t even sure if it was a confirmed pregnancy, if it would be viable, and if so, if the baby would be ultimately healthy for delivery.  And if we were lucky enough for all of the latter to be  true, we didn’t know if we would have a boy or girl or what his or her name would be.
Tonight, exactly one year later, I am holding my healthy, thriving, beautiful baby girl as I write this post.  Waverly Maye has become our entire world.  While it hasn’t been more than 15 weeks since I gave birth to her, I can’t even begin to imagine what life was like before she was born, much less on that night as we both first started to anticipate what our future could hold.
Today, on this sentimental day, Waverly laughed out loud for the first time.  She must have known today was an important day, and wanted to make it that much more special.  Sweet girl.

I have previously posted of my realization on the importance of baby swings, toys, and pretty much any of the other baby gear that now cover the floors of my home.  (Really, to say our house has as many baby products as the local daycare would be an understatement).  We are completely stocked, locked & loaded … although getting to that point was certainly an adjustment.  I admit that I am OCD, crave organization, and despise clutter.  These are all qualities that have made it slightly difficult to make way for all that has come with our baby girl, but I have quickly learned that I must learn to cope.  Each product has its own purpose, and is certainly worth it when crunch time comes and Waverly Maye is a little fussy.  (Yes, our perfect girl does have her moments, believe it or not!!!).

The latest baby apparatus to adorn our living room floor is the Jumparoo.  I was lucky to have been given ours by a friend of a family member, although I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the time.  In fact, if I’m 100% honest … I wasn’t too keen on the bright, rather large piece of equipment that didn’t match the rest of our home decor.  However, after seeing Waverly’s huge smile as she jumped up and down when placed in it – the Jumparoo hasn’t moved since.  And it definitely won’t be anytime soon.  It’s funny how quickly things can change.

Fisher- Price Jumparoo – Available at Babies’R’Us for $99.99.  Yes, not the most fashionable decor for your home … but TOTALLY worth it.  I was actually able to completely unload the dishwasher last night while Waverly played in this apparatus.  Not sure when I was able to do this (at one time) last. 

After catching up on the latest chapter of my “What to Expect The First Year” book, I recently realized that by month three, my baby girl should be smiling back at family members, turning towards bright colors, and reaching and grasping for objects.  The first of the two definitely get a check, and in fact, our Waverly Maye is so animated that I am fairly sure she has been smiling at us since two weeks of age.  And while she has also been reaching at objects (most notably my long hair) for quite a while now, it wasn’t until this past week that she officially grabbed on to her first toy.

Yes, for me it was one of those big moments … moments that I have come to realize are beginning to happen more everyday.  I can’t believe how much she has developed in just three short months, or how proud I could actually be to see my daughter grab onto something for the first time.

I guess I have “Sophie the Giraffe” to thank for Waverly’s monumental development, or maybe the Message Boards at Baby Center for telling me of her greatness.  It was this 7-inch rubber giraffe that Waverly has grown quite fond of that she grabbed onto for the first time.  And although I questioned it’s $19.00 price upon initially hearing of the product, and really didn’t understand the wonder of Sophie, I would buy it over again after seeing how much she loves it.  Actually, I just might have to as our dog seems to love Sophie just as much as she does … especially when she squeaks when squeezed.

Waverly & (Part of) Sophie on the first day she grabbed on!

Sophie the Giraffe – Can be purchased at Babies-R-Us for $19.00.

I have previously posted about my love for stylish socks on Waverly’s feet, specifically socks that are printed, colored, or are created to look like a little shoe.  Today, I must share my current obession with baby boots.  Each and every fall, I look forward to the change of season and opportunity to wear boots & jeans again.  And, admittedly, I indulge in a purchase of at least one pair of boots to commemorate the start of colder weather.  This fall, I was able to adorn four feet with fashionable fall footwear (2 feet of my own, and 2 of Little Miss Waverly’s.)  Hers are obviously more fun than mine.
Waverly Maye has quite the collection of boots already, even though most of the pairs don’t stay on her feet for long (Due to her current habit of kicking those short, chunky little legs).  
Here are some of my favorite pairs:

She is officially obsessed with her feet … Wouldn’t you be if you were wearing those shoes?  These are from Zulily, and are adorable when paired with skinny jeans tucked in.

We LOVE leopard!!!!  These are from Carter’s, and fit the best of all of the shoes she has.

Another pair from Zulily.  Obsessed with Zulily.  Paired with leggings & a shirt from Carter’s.

I had to include a picture of our shoes together – because I love everything that has to do wth us together.  My pair is from DSW, just like 99% of my shoes.  My suggestion is to shop online, as they have the absolute best options (endless shoes!!).  And once you are a rewards member, you will get coupons sent all the time, and once you are a PREMIER rewards member, you get free next-day shipping … and officially buy too many shoes.
Waverly’s fuzzy white boots are from Carter’s and match practically everything she has!