There is officially only two weekends left until Christmas, and celebrations in our house are as festive as ever. I just want to take all of the magic in these sweet moments from Waverly Maye’s first Christmas, bottle them up … and keep them forever. But since I can’t exactly do that, my obsession with taking pictures and the memories recorded on this blog will have to do.
After visiting the Old St. Nick on Friday, we spent our Saturday wrapping gifts and purchasing a few more presents for our favorite little elf. And speaking of elves … I am now locked & loaded with all of Waverly’s elf gifts for the week before Christmas. I have adapted the tradition from my own mom, who would have the “elves” visit us each morning starting December 1st. Each day, we would look forward to a special little gift (magazine, favorite candy, esc … ) and a poem (which I now know were all written by my mom.) It was a tradition that made the season that much more meaningful and I feel lucky to now start it on my own – even though I am starting slowly with one week rather than an entire month.  That’s good enough for this year, right?!
Waverly’s outfit is from JC Pennys & headband from Little Hip Squeaks on Etsy.


Back when I was planning my wedding, my mom & I used to reserve Fridays for vendor meetings, tastings, or DIY projects for my upcoming big day … we called them “Wedding Fridays.”  I used to look forward to them every week, and it was most often my movitation when frustrated with the craziness of my schedule or (in simple terms) – the fact that I didn’t often even have time to pee.
Now that I am a mom, my love of Fridays certainly hasn’t changed.  Obviously, if anything, I look forward to my Fridays MORE as a chance to enjoy an afternoon with my baby girl without the thought of having to leave her the following morning.  The exhilerated feeling I get when leaving school to go pick her up for our weekend of quality time together just never goes away.  We still meet my mom most weeks, although our new afternoons consist of Babies’R’Us and Baby Gap rather than the florist or the wedding day location.

Fridays during this month will (obviously) be holiday-related.  We took advantage of yesterday by taking Waverly to see Santa. I’ve always heard stories or seen videos of kids being scared of Santa Claus.  It seems that this year at least … Waverly Maye is unphased. Other than a strange look at the big man, she didn’t even blink an eye.  Here are the pictures we got … Even though “elves” we’re clearly not in a festive mood and wouldn’t let us get close to document the moment. (They wanted us to spend the $50 on their photograph, of course.)

Waverly’s Outfit is Rare Editions, Shoes are from Zulily, and Headband from Etsy.


As I have learned in my own “fashion development” over the29 years I have experienced thus far, a true fashionista keeps her style (or at least tries to) 24 hours a day.  I have Victoria’s Secret & Forever 21’s new fitness line to thank for assisting me in this endeavor, even though I rarely accompish it at all times.  
*Side Note:  Who am I kidding?  These days especially, I am lucky if I can get a clean shirt AND pants on to go workout. 🙂
 Waverly Maye, however, has managed to stay chic throughout her four & a half months so far. The wide variety and overwhelming collection of baby girl attire & accessories obviously helps our cause (while hurting my bank account).  
Waverly’s Chic Christmas outfit of the day is a pair of (rather adorable) PJs. I must admit that I am occasionally inclined to keep her in her PJs for an entire day since she just looks so darn cute in them.  And I know I’m extremely biased … But she does look pretty cute in everything.
Waverly in her Christmas PJs – Love that little butt. 🙂
PJs are from Walmart (Imagine that!!!) – thanks for the tip from Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin.   
It is hard to get a photo of Waverly’s face these days … as she is into EVERYTHING!
Got her this festive sippy cup from Target that she is loving, even though she definitely doesn’t know how to suck from the straw yet. 

Waverly Maye’s “Chic Countdown to Christmas” continues today with Outfit #6. Since Waverly is into her toys more than ever at the moment, I decided to go extra festive and give her one of our sparkly, gold plastic ornaments.  Of course, she loved it, and wanted to eat it.  And I love that it seems likes she has a definite affection for shiny objects (the silver sequin boots yesterday & gold ornament today) … Just like her mom.  I just know we have a future fashionista on our hands. 
Waverly’s onsie is from Kohls, Leggings from Carter’s, and headband is from Etsy.
The red blanket is Minky and also from Etsy.

For an outing to the mall … we added a black tutu.
Picked it up on sale at Targe

And even though it is not Christmas-related, I must take today’s post as an opportunity to record one of Waverly’s most recent (cutest ever) habits.  It seems that with each passing week, she picks up new little mannerisms, facial expressions, and new favorite ways to spend time during her days.  This week, she has been popping her head up frequently while breastfeeding … Just to lock eyes with me, and then goes right back at it.  Her face seems to say … “So you are my mommy?!!!”  I am slightly obsessed with it, and won’t mind if she continues with it for a while.
(And also rather shocked that she actually voluntarily stopped breastfeeding on her own. She usually would keep at it all day if I would let her.)

Happy December 6th. 

(A) Is a healthy baby girl.
Check, Waverly Maye was born July 26th.  (See above)

(B)  Is a healthy baby girl. In sequins.  
Check, Waverly’s fifth outfit in her “Chic Countdown to Christmas” includes a fabulous pair of silver sequin boots.  (See above)
We took a break from the classic red today, and decided to go with a festive yet classic combination of black, silver, & white. Waverly’s onsie is from Carter’s, her leggings are also from Carter’s, her headband is from Etsy, and her boots are from Zulily.
(And yes, Waverly’s obsession with her feet hit an all-time high today with the addition of sequins.  I am shocked I was able to get one picture of her with her head up.)

(C)  This is usually the point in which I would list my Christmas wants (you know … Forever 21 gift cards, a few pair of shoes, and maybe a pair of PINK sweatpants).  But since I got everything I could ever hope for (and more) in Waverly Maye, I am instead going to list the holiday activities I would like to partake in this Christmas season, our first Christmas with our baby girl ……..

1.  A visit to Christmastown (Done!)  – Is it appropriate to go back again?  I was really thinking about moving in until Christmas Eve.
2.  Bake Christmas cookies – specifically, oatmeal ones.  Yum.
3.  Watch a classic Christmas movie.  While drinking hot chocolate.
4.  Imprint Waverly’s tiny handprint onto a Christmas ornament. It’s pretty much mandatory.
5.  Do a DIY Christmas ornament. (My mom’s idea)
5.  Begin a canvas holiday tablecloth that we will add to each year.  (My mom’s idea again)
6.  Have the elves visit Waverly for each day the week before Christmas Eve. (Gosh, Mom, you really are creative!)
7.  Go see the holiday lights at the Botanical Gardens.  And then the ones at the beach.
8.  Sing Waverly Chritmas songs as often as possible.
9.  Read Waverly Christmas books as often as possible.
10.  Shop.  (Haha … like I needed a reminder on that one.).