And Another Christmas Has Gone By …

I don’t think there will come a day (no matter how old I get … or for that matter, no matter how many children I have) … that I won’t be the slightest bit sad at the conclusion of Christmas day.  Obviously, the holidays bring with them a considerable amount of work & pressure – buying the perfect gifts for all of those special people in your life (and then some), then wrapping those gifts with just the right wrapping paper and festive bow to match, and keeping up with all of the holiday social gatherings (and in my recent case, while feeling rather bloated, nauseated, and fatigued … without giving away the reason as to why).  But again, even with all of that, the months of November and December remain quite certainly my favorite time of the year and after the last gift is opened and festive dessert is eaten … I always feel nostalgic.
The end of this holiday season, however, makes us that much closer to a new chapter that begins this July.  And as previously posted, my husband and I were able to take advantage of the family gatherings at Christmas to share our own holiday gift that “is in the process of being made.”  
Sharing the news with family and friends (and seeing their surprised & exhilerated reactions) is one of those moments that makes it feel that much more real.  And at the same time … thankful that our baby-to-be will certainly be loved.

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