All I Want for Christmas …

(A) Is a healthy baby girl.
Check, Waverly Maye was born July 26th.  (See above)

(B)  Is a healthy baby girl. In sequins.  
Check, Waverly’s fifth outfit in her “Chic Countdown to Christmas” includes a fabulous pair of silver sequin boots.  (See above)
We took a break from the classic red today, and decided to go with a festive yet classic combination of black, silver, & white. Waverly’s onsie is from Carter’s, her leggings are also from Carter’s, her headband is from Etsy, and her boots are from Zulily.
(And yes, Waverly’s obsession with her feet hit an all-time high today with the addition of sequins.  I am shocked I was able to get one picture of her with her head up.)

(C)  This is usually the point in which I would list my Christmas wants (you know … Forever 21 gift cards, a few pair of shoes, and maybe a pair of PINK sweatpants).  But since I got everything I could ever hope for (and more) in Waverly Maye, I am instead going to list the holiday activities I would like to partake in this Christmas season, our first Christmas with our baby girl ……..

1.  A visit to Christmastown (Done!)  – Is it appropriate to go back again?  I was really thinking about moving in until Christmas Eve.
2.  Bake Christmas cookies – specifically, oatmeal ones.  Yum.
3.  Watch a classic Christmas movie.  While drinking hot chocolate.
4.  Imprint Waverly’s tiny handprint onto a Christmas ornament. It’s pretty much mandatory.
5.  Do a DIY Christmas ornament. (My mom’s idea)
5.  Begin a canvas holiday tablecloth that we will add to each year.  (My mom’s idea again)
6.  Have the elves visit Waverly for each day the week before Christmas Eve. (Gosh, Mom, you really are creative!)
7.  Go see the holiday lights at the Botanical Gardens.  And then the ones at the beach.
8.  Sing Waverly Chritmas songs as often as possible.
9.  Read Waverly Christmas books as often as possible.
10.  Shop.  (Haha … like I needed a reminder on that one.). 


  1. December 6, 2012 / 2:46 am

    Glad you are passing on the traditions. I hoped that all of you would.

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