A Workout with Waverly

Before I got pregnant, I was in a pretty good workout routine.  I rarely went a week without going to the gym six times.  And that had been going on for about four years.
Before I sound too impressive, I must point out that my time at the gym rarely lasted for more than thirty minutes on a cardio machine.  And while in that machine, I was usually reading a gossip magazine & watching a TV show.  But nevertheless, I was there.  

Once the constant nausea and exhaustion hit during my first trimester, an afternoon at the gym was obviously out of the question.  In fact, some days it was a small miracle for make it out of bed for work.  And although I eventually started feeling better, it’s safe to say that I took advantage of my pregnancy and certainly did not “over-exert” myself for the duration of the nine months.

I had big plans to get myself back into shape once Waverly Maye was born.  I obviously did not realize how much my life was about to change.  Although I certainly fit in some post-baby workouts before returning to work, now that I’m back … the last thing I want to do after reuniting with my babe is leave her for a date with the elliptical.  So I’ve had to get creative.  On the weekends, I’m able to leave Waverly with my husband for a quick workout.  And I’ve picked up a few fitness DVDs to put in while Waverly plays in her jumper some during the week.  But neither of the two are ideal.  I honestly hate leaving her at all if I can help it (Option 1) and my sweetie doesn’t much like a lack of attention (Option 2).  So instead, here is our latest plan of action.

1 – IPhone; For music & of course, to take pictures of Waverly Maye when we get halfway through our run at the oceanfront.
2 – Northface Baby Bunting; Perfect for bundling Waverly up when it is cold out.  She loves the outdoors and the cold doesn’t seem to bother her at all, but this is perfect for making sure she is nice & cozy.
3 – Pink Yoga Pants; For mommy to wear while working on her fitness. 🙂
4 – Bob Jogging Stroller:  Disclaimer – This is not the jogging stroller we have.  We were passed down ours, and have been more than happy with it.  Although Waverly had issues with being content in her stroller when she was younger, she has never made so much as a peep in the jogging stroller.  She loves it.  And from the reviews I had read, this is the best one.
5 – Minky Blanket; For extra warmth, I always bring a blanket for Waverly.  And Minky blankets are my absolute favorite.  

And for a sweet picture of us in action …

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