A Stylish Stroller

Before becoming a mommy-to-be, I certainly didn’t understand the importance of “baby gear.” And by “baby gear,” I am referring to the incredible, vast amount of baby equipment that must come with that six – ten pound bundle of joy. In our case, we probably went overboard, as our home has so many baby items it could probably be mistaken for a small (stylish) daycare. But to my point, there is no baby gear more critical than the stroller.
Just as a pair of shoes can either make or break an outfit, the stroller is the ultimate accesory for both baby and mom. It is seen often, usually even before that precious baby, and therefore makes a statement of style. Prior to pregnancy, I would gaze at other women’s purses or sunglasses. Afterwards, I checked out strollers.
My stroller could not make me happier. (we are still working on creating that sense of happiness for our sweet Waverly). It is easy to use, comes with three separate attachments, and is exactly my style. It is trendy without being over the top, classy yet with a twist, and feminine with a touch of an edge. It’s greatness comes with a price higher than most at Babies’R’Us, but the quality makes it worth it.

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