A Few Firsts: Part One

Waverly Maye turned six months over the weekend, and although not planned, her milestone birthday coincided with some pretty exciting firsts.  And as her very proud mommy, I will of course document these important moments with great detail. 
It rarely snows in Virginia Beach, and when it does, craziness occurs.  At the slight mention of some precipitation … the weatherman gets super excited (he immediately becomes a lot more important), schools close (I’m definitely OK with that one), and Walmart is packed with shoppers stocking up on bottled water & batteries (I stick to Target, but definitely get locked & loaded.)
This past Friday was certainly no exception.  Even though I was disapointed that the flurries didn’t fall early enough for an early dismissal from school, I was so anxious to get Waverly in the snow that I didn’t care.  I knew that my curious little cutie was going to be in awe of a winter wonderland.
OK – So I know our 1 1/2 inches may not classify as a wonderland, per say, but for VB, it was pretty significant.
 I was right.  Waverly was one happy little snow bunny.
(After I took her outside, that is.  While I was dressing her in millions of layers, she was certainly not impressed.  Anyone else have that problem?) 
Waverly’s jacket is by Corky Kids from Zulily, her jacket is from Zulily, her pants are from Gap, gloves & shoes are from Carters. (That is a lot of clothes!).

What is this, Mommy?!!!! 
She couldn’t stop staring.  And was soooo quiet.  Although normally extremely vocal, she gets quiet when she is trying to figure out her surroundings.
But once inside, was her loud self once again.  And of course, eating the snow.  Just like everything else these days.

Happy FIRST SNOW, Waverly Maye.  And Happy Monday, friends.

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