A Fashionable Fall Weekend

We are coming off the first official FULL weekend of Fall and I have to say, we have completely embraced it!  The weather has finally decided to cooperate & cool down, which means that our we can rock our favorite fall fashions & not look like complete crazies.  Thank goodness, Waverly Maye & I both were over pretending like to was chilly enough to wear our the fall clothes we bought months ago.

No, my obsession with Waverly Maye in necklaces has not come to an end.  I can’t help but reach for them with so many of Waverly’s outfits.  Yet in my defense, she really does love them, too.  Seriously, the days she doesn’t have one on, she tries to take mine and put them over her head. Oh, how I love this girl! 🙂
Another of my fave fall looks for Waverly Maye?  Knee-high socks … which actually just look like thick tights on my short little lady. #goodthingscomeinsmallpackages
One of Waverly’s recent favorite pastimes is to lay completely flat on the ground.  She seriously does it over, over & over again – while laughing pretty much uncontrollably everytime. 

She has been doing it for days now, most often when we are outside.  My little nature lover.  She must be soaking in all of this beautiful weather we have been having lately.  Along with her showing off her cute shoes & socks, of course.

Other than snapping cute photos of Waverly Maye in her fall fashions, other activities from our weekend include a bridal shower, family dinner & a trip to see the sand castles at the local festival in VB.  Yet the highlight of our weekend was definitely welcoming the newest member to our family!  On Friday, Waverly Maye got a new cousin & we got a nephew! 

Peaking into the nursery, Waverly was so mesmerized by her cousin.  It was precious.  The following day, they had their first official face-to-face meeting. 

Waverly took one little look at her handsome new BFF-to-be, and then looked back at her daddy to let him know she was a little more than unsure about this whole thing.  Tell me that face doesn’t say … who the hell is this?!!

Good thing this one didn’t come home to our house, Waverly Maye clearly isn’t ready for a little brother or sister just yet.
We know that these two sweet cousins are going to be very close & are so excited for Waverly to have someone so close in age to grow up with.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & are as excited as we are the it is officially OCTOBER tomorrow!  Let the Halloween hoopla begin!


  1. September 30, 2013 / 3:49 pm

    It's so fun having cousins so close in age! Wyatt and my nephew are 11 months apart and I can't wait until Christmas time when they're cruising around together!

    I also LOVE that floral dress…precious!

  2. October 2, 2013 / 8:21 pm

    What a sweet little girl…I especially love the feet up in the air picture! Congrats on your new nephew!

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