A December To Remember

December, you are our forever favorite.  And we cannot believe you are already almost over!!  Before this month started, I made it my mission to really try to spend as much time at home slowing down and soaking in the season this time around, and though things were crazy our way, I really think we accomplished that.  The girls spent endless hours in their favorite holiday jammies, watching Christmas movies and baking and coloring and just being kids, and we also were able to make it out to enjoy some of our annual holiday traditions.  Before I sign off for the weekend and my winter break, I thought I would share some pictures from our December, and document some of the things I never want to forget from this year’s Christmas season.

The girls running down the stairs each morning to find our elf, get their treat from the advent calender, and piece of chocolate from our Trader Joe’s countdown.  Waverly almost always wakes up before Avalon, asks me 249 times if she can go wake up her sister (the answer is always a hard no), paces the hallway outside of her room, while secretly trying to be REALLY loud to “accidentally” wake her up.  They never missed a morning of pure joy running downstairs to find him, though we most definitely missed a couple mornings of actually moving him to a new place.

This was the first year that threatening calling Santa actually worked really, really, really well — and it was amazing.  We have been using the app where you can actually call him and his face pops up, and I swear you even mention it and both girls freak.  Waverly even went running and hid one time, I am really going to miss this in the new year.

The ornaments coming on and off the tree daily, or maybe even hourly.  This one actually drives me CRAZY.  Watching your kids put ornaments on the tree while sweet holiday music is playing is simply magical, watching your favorite glass ornament fall to the ground and break because your kid was playing with it for the hundredth time is not.

Listening to holiday music in the car, at the house, and watching the girls dance to it on repeat.  Waverly’s favorite is Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Avalon’s is Jingle Bells, the only time they don’t ask for me to play them is when they are asking to watch Home Alone or the Trolls Holiday Edition.

Avalon’s little voice saying “Santa a little scary, mama”, and asking me to hold her every single time we even talk about him.  Both my girls do not like dressed-up characters, this was only the second year that Waverly even agreed to get near him, and that lasted about 2.5 seconds.

The holiday season with little ones is just the best, I never thought I could love Christmas more than when I was a kid, and this definitely tops it.  We are three days away and I am tired, but my heart is full.

From our family to yours, we hope you have the happiest, merriest Christmas EVER!!!!!!!  XO

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