A December To Remember 2018

Today is the LAST DAY of school for me & the big girls, we are soooooo excited to celebrate our favorite holiday in just a few days and to have some much-needed time off for winter break.  This month has flown by —  our first December with three kids and also Remie is the youngest baby we have ever had during the holidays — it has been a mix of the sweetness that comes with a tiny babe during this magical season, all the festive fun with a three & six year old, and ALL.the.chaos that comes with it all!  I shared this post last year right before Christmas (so crazy to think that Remerie was a tiny little seed in my belly at that time and we had NO IDEA!), and wanted to do one this year as well.  So many favorite memories from this month that I want to hang on forever …

All three girls sitting on Santa’s lap for our annual trip to Bass Pro.  This was the first year since Waverly was one that we didn’t have one crying, even though Avalon was close, she was the sweetest holding Remie’s hand the entire time.

The girls holiday dance performances, the first year with Avalon in dance just like her older sister and she did so good!  For so long she said she didn’t want to dance and now loves it so much, they are in separate classes & rooms but it is so sweet to watch Waverly help her and for her to do her own thing too.

Our favorite Christmastown tradition, which started when Waverly was just five months and we haven’t missed a year since.  This year was a reality check of how old Waverly is, she just wanted to ride the rides the entire time.  Meanwhile Avalon just wanted to wave at Santa & the Sesame Street Characters and Remerie had the biggest blowout of all time.

Our everyday moments at home, hanging by the sparkly lights of the tree while the girls took ornaments on & off no less than one million times and danced to all our favorite Christmas songs.  Waverly wrapping presents (our household items) for random people, Avalon forever checking-in on the elf, and Remie just being cute as can be.

I hope they grow to always love this season (and each other) as much as they do now.

Wishing you & yours the HAPPIEST holiday!  XO


  1. December 24, 2018 / 7:45 pm

    What wonderful memories!!! Your kitchen is so so beautiful and Remie is adorable. I can’t get over how big Waverly is getting…I remember following along when she was just a babe!!

    • Ashley_Brickner
      December 27, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      Oh thank you so much!!! Gosh, she is SO BIG!!! First grade, cannot believe it.

      Hope you are well, love!

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