39 Weeks – One Day, Two Days, A Week to Go?

Without a doubt, it is official – I have become an impatient & overly anxious mom-to-be.  I really didn’t think this would happen.  Honestly, (apart from a few minor details such as a lack of sleep & absence of a glass of wine), I have enjoyed my pregnancy.  I have welcomed my baby bump and embraced a new fashion sense, thouroughly enjoyed feeling Little Miss Brickner’s movement in my expanding waistline, relished in the new foods I have been indulging in without guilt, and obviously have not minded the extra attention and foot rubs from my husband.  So I thought that I would have no problem waiting until my July 22nd due date to meet my daughter. 
Well, I was clearly wrong …
I’ve mentioned previously that these last few weeks have brought on much anxiety – and this week I have hit the peak.  I now feel like a ticking time bomb, one that could have its water break or contractions hit at any moment, bringing with it a whole new life and sense of normalcy.  OR, none of the above could happen and I could be forced to keep on waiting. 
Which is where we are currently at …
Not the easiest place for my Type-A, always-planning personality.  BUT, I know I need to take advantage of these last moments of freedom by resting and preparing (possibly mentally?) for all that is to come.  So that is just what I will do.  There is a deadline, right?!

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