38 Week Appointment (Times Two)

As previously posted, I do love a preggers doctors appointment.  Any insight into how Little Miss Brickner is progressing is MORE than welcomed & even the most standard of appointments (tummy check & a heartbeat monitor) tend to brighten my day.  Well – now that we are into the 38th week of pregnancy, my monthly appointments have turned into weekly ones.  And with the craziness of a holiday week, my doctor had the day off for my Friday appt., so that quickly turned into a visit back on Monday. (No complaints here … )
On Friday, I had my first non-stress test, to make sure that our baby girl wasn’t in any distress in my tummy.  Although a little sleepy, she passed the test and we were able to enjoy what could have been our last weekend without child with no worries.  I must admit that Monday’s appointment was the one I was more anxious for, as thoughts that I could finally be dilated or that my doctor would mention an “induction” danced in my pregnancy brain.  Unfortunately, no dilation yet and we were ordered to patiently wait another week for our next visit. 
So that is what just we will do.  Wait, wait and wait some more.  I am trying to enjoy my last couple of weeks with lots of sleep and relaxation, but I just can’t help longing for the moment I get to meet my baby girl.   Official countdown is 13 days until due date.  Come onnnnn baby girl! 🙂

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