FULL-TERM!!!  We are just a couple weeks (days?!) from meeting our newest baby girl and feeling all the feelings.  Soooo much excitement and of course some nerves, I cannot believe we will have her in our arms so soon!
From the start of this pregnancy everyone I told my due date to said I would have a brutal summer.  It really hadn’t hit me until the last couple of weeks, but now I am HOT, getting out of breathe really easily, and food is pretty hard to get down with all of that combined.  On the plus side, I have been loving shaved ice and cannot get enough water, and seriously loooove the feeling of being weightless in the pool.  Also a constant rotation of dresses and little clothing are way more acceptable in the dead of summer, I have a few that still fit left and will be living in them until she gets here!

Of course with being so close I am now to weekly appointments with my OB, we have finally decided on a birth plan and I thankfully do not have to go through a planned c-section (at least for now).  We were going back & forth because of Avalon’s shoulder distocia during birth, but after going back over her notes, my doctor confirmed that it was because of Avalon’s position and not because of me — which if it was the second, would obviously make it a higher risk that it would happen again.  Avalon was also a smaller baby at birth than Waverly, so it’s encouraging that Waverly did not have it & was bigger.  So now, we wait!!!!  And fit in some last summer fun with our two big girls, who are both so excited about their baby sister and are constantly talking about her.  Also worth noting, I bent down the other day to grab something and came back up to Avalon clapping for me saying, “see mom, you can get down on your own!”.
This could possibly be my last pregnancy three update, hoping to be back with some news on the arrival of our third little girl before long!!!  XO

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