36 Weeks = Our Photo Shoot & Shower Celebration

Time is moving (although a little slower lately) and last week was the mark of my 36th week of pregnancy.  Week 36 was eventful as both my maternity pictures and second baby shower were on the schedule. 
The maternity “photo shoot” was a success (even though we haven’t seen the pictures as of yet – they FELT like they were the feel/look we were going for.)  Because my husband knows me well, he dealt with the large amount of props he had to carry around Seashore State Park with little to no complaining.  And by props, I am referring to the giant chalkboard I had him create that day, a second chalkboard wwith “Coming Soon” inscribed across the center, pink balloons, a clothesline with a few of Little Miss B.’s outfits, and one of the YAY! signs from our wedding.  It was weird to be back to a couples shoot one year after the wedding – this time for a different purpose.  We are anxious & excited to see the final result – but (obviously) not quite as much as we are to meet our daughter.
Saturday’s baby shower, hosted by my sister-in-law and niece, was the FINAL event before meeting our little lady.  As always, Kim & Abbey did not disapoint and it was the perfect theme (pink & brown) with attention to every detail.  I feel so lucky to have such special people in my life – both those who hosted and attended the event – and even luckier that my daughter will, too.  She will be born with so much love already surrounding her. 
So with both important dates behind us, as well as a short trip to Williamsburg for out first anniversary, we are more ready than ever for the arrival of our baby girl. 
Now for the waiting …

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