31 Weeks: Baby Three

NINE MORE WEEKS (ish) until we have three kids!!!!!  Oh my goodness, it’s getting real.  I know everyone says it, but it’s so true, every single pregnancy flies by faster than the last and I just cannot believe we are already to this point.  It all still feels so surreal and like the (happiest!) dream, probably because this wasn’t planned like our other two, but ready or not, here she comes!  We cannot wait.
Physically I am feeling pretty good, all of the nausea from the first few months is long gone, my sciatica has improved tons, and for now, I have enough energy and want to do allll the things to get ready for her.  We still have a long list of house projects to complete, but most of the “big” stuff is mainly done, so we are now focusing on the nursery and I am soooooo excited to see it come together!  We will be doing wallpaper on one of the walls and that comes in this week, meanwhile my husband is making a big girl bed for Avalon since she is currently sleeping in the twin part of the convertible crib that will be for the baby.  I have been busy getting a few special pieces for her to wear over the first couple of weeks, pulling out all the newborn clothes, and we are starting to research a bigger car since we have a smaller SUV that doesn’t seem realistic for three kids.  This is definitely the longest we have waited to do any of this, but I know it will get done and also don’t feel near the anxiety I did preparing for Waverly (when I think I assumed I would never be able to leave the house again).

Baby girl moves ALL THE TIME!!!!  Like, allllll the time.  She is by far the busiest baby in my belly of all three girls, which makes me a little nervous for what is to come, but feeling her move around is forever my favorite and I already know how much I will miss it.  We have an ultrasound soon to check on her growth, and are hoping she is still measuring on the smaller side so there is less of a chance for me to be induced for any reason.  Obviously our number one end goal is a healthy baby, but I am so hopeful to actually go into labor on my own for the first time!

The girls are so excited, that’s been one of the most special parts of this pregnancy and I am constantly thinking about the moment that they meet their little sister — I know my heart will just burst.  I am way less nervous about how they will adjust or just about the transition in general than I was when I was pregnant with Avalon, mainly because I know how amazing the whole sisterhood thing is and I also know how quickly all of the stages go.  Maybe that will come back to haunt me when I am knee-deep in the chaos of three little ladies, but either way, I am just feeling so lucky and excited and happy about it all. 

We love you so much already baby girl, keep growing in there — we cannot wait to meet you!

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